Beware of J.S Hut Bungalows at Than Sadet Beach Koh Phangan – Dangers Lurks!

JS Hut Thansadet Koh Phangan

JS Hut Thansadet Koh Phangan

Beware of J.S Hut Bungalows at Thansadet Beach on the east coast of Koh Phangan Island in the Gulf of Thailand.

At least once a week, the bungalow owners, regularly rip people off in every manner, including injury. A small scratch on the motorcycle cost 8000 baht for us and we settled for 5000 … otherwise, they threatened us with injury and would not return our passport. We watched them attack a tourist 3 days ago and he ended up in the hospital with stitches for moving out.

This is not the first time! Another English couple who asked to move out after spending 2 weeks already were spat on and yelled at. Don’t stay at this place! They are dangerous!


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19 Responses to Beware of J.S Hut Bungalows at Than Sadet Beach Koh Phangan – Dangers Lurks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should post something on Trip Advisor and notify all the online booking agencies they use.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like Song has been up to some old tricks again. I stayed there 15 years ago and had some issues, but nothing like what has been described. Have heard some horror stories over the years but I thought she had settled down somewhat in the last few years…..
      I can HIGHLY recommend either “Mai Pen Rai” or Plaa, on top of the hill, or Silvercliff. I have stayed at Plaa’s and Mai Pen Rai and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are the sort of places that once you stay, you will always want to return to.
      Dont let your bad experience at JS put you off Than Sadet as its one of the most beautifull friendly places in the whole of Thailand, IMO. Its my second home and has a place in my heart, now and forever. The staff and family atmosphere at Mai Pen Rai is unbelievably friendly and acommodating, as it is at Plaa’s. I know its not easy to get past the bad experience you have had so far, but its worth a second chance to find that “special” spiritual “home” or “belonging” that is part of Than Sadets magic, its beauty, its….. hard to describe or put into words but it has something that no other place I have ever seen or experienced in 20 years of travel and exploration. I have friendships that started there, amoungst other travellers and especially Thais, that have stayed strong and eveloped for over 15 years and have made my life so much richer as a result. I love Than Sadet, as you can see, always will…..
      Anyway, just my two cents worth. Peace to you all in your travels.

    • Anonymous says:

      Than Sadet is such a beautifull place and it seems such a shame that it can be brought down by the farang hating owners of JS. I have visited this place many times over the years usually staying at Mai Pen Rai’s where everything is peacefull but am constantly updated on the horror stories recounted from other holiday makers staying at JS. Nobody seems to do anything about it, I presume because of fear and they seem to be able to get away with anything they want.

      I have in the past witnessed them firing guns at the feet of customers and regularly assaulting people. The waterfall tour boat drivers no longer bring there day trip customers to this resort as a result of this.

      Nobody else from any of the other resorts wants to confront them which is understandable considering there madness but untill something is done these probems and vilolence will remain. These people are pure scum and should be avoided at all costs.

    • Anonymous says:

      12 years ago, I watched in amazement as two travelers run for their lives with the owner chasing them wielding a machete, just because they were moving out of JS HUT into Mai Pen Rai.
      There is something intrinsically evil about that guy and his family…

      Too bad the magic small beach next door was totally ruined when they demolished the old Jenny’s bungalows a few years back, and just dumped the broken asbestos roof tiles all over the place.

    • Anonymous says:

      went to haad sadet for day trips (overland, not boat) and always camped out at their restaurant. never experienced any problems though…
      mai pen rai is up the hill with the thai indian and the french girl? if so, that’s a real nice place w chilled atmosphere and fantastic views…too bad its kind of difficult to access

      • Anonymous says:

        no !
        mai pen rai is directly on the beach on the very left side next to the bridge and the river
        have a look at .
        u are probably talking about sea view which is on the right hill. it has changeg ownership several times in the last years i have heard.

        have fun

  2. Anonymous says:

    Friends of Thansadet was initiated after a serious attack by Jit and Song, the owners of JS huts and Restaurant situated in the middle of Thansadet beach, against a peaceful German highschool teacher and former member of the town council in Munich. This case happened end of March 2004 on the beach on a sunny afternoon. Many people who came to relax for the sunset witnessed Song approaching a group of people and then attacking the German man from behind with a closed bottle of beer that she had hidden in her sarong. The victim was lucky that the bottle missed its aim by about 10 centimeters. This was not the first aggression — with stones, stick and even knives– towards tourists on the beach. We cannot close our eyes any more. Doing nothing could also encourage them to become even more aggressive and as this can happen to everybody here, we have decided to go to the public to prevent more attacks to peaceful people who come to this place.

    Except for J+S Hut and Restaurant, all the other places at the beach are very nice and friendly towards everybody, but unfortunately they have not much influence to stop Jit and Song from aggression.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whats “friends of Thansadet”? Never heard of it! Been going to TS for 15 or so years……..

      • Anonymous says:

        I stayd at Mai pen Rai`s to times in 2007 and each time i had an incident with the fuckers at JS.
        Glad i went to Mai first. Best place to chill yet!!

        • Anonymous says:

          i am absolutely surprised to read about your experencies at Js. because mine are completely different. i stayed there three times in 2005 and 2006. once with a friend and two times with my girlfriend and son. i found them always friendly and open minded. once the owner took us for a walk to see his new land up the hill where he wanted to build bungalows or houses and he really liked our son. everything was calm and relaxed. we really spent good times there. their daughter was nice and friendly, too. i was really aiming to go there again as soon as possible. though i´m taking your experiences serious and i might think it over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ok nothing to do with this topic but needs posting here … please see this link, missing nuts…

  4. Sergey says:

    They attacked me and my wife one day ago. The owner was standing with the gun looking at me at the same time when two of his sons was beating me. I couldn’t even answer to them because of his father with the gun looking at me and my wife. Imaging our feelings, when we went to the police station and they said it will took about a year to make the law taking them to the jail. All their family are crazy people. Avoid this place as hell.

    • Riz says:

      Wow, this is insane. Still going on after all this time!?

      What happened to cause this. Some people saying they’re as good as gold and others (far too many!) having not just issues but MAJOR issues with them!

      This is really not good for Mai Pen Rai and Plaa also :/

  5. Mona says:

    Do you think, it’s even dangeous for all visitiors (Mai Pen Rai, Plaa…), staying/swimming.. on the beach in front of the JS Huts?

  6. Manu says:

    Maybe you’re one of them….No, seriously they just assault us last week. Trip advisor and the lonely planet must Warn people about them.

  7. Shorty says:

    Wow, I can’t believe what I’m reading re assaults, threatening people with guns etc! I stayed here for a week in April of this year when I was backpacking and just googled it now to see if they had a website so I could send the link to a friend. I hadn’t booked ahead when I got to Koh Pangan, just caught a ride to Than Sadet beach and looked around. I chose this place instead of Mai Pen Rai because it was a lot cheaper (400 baht a night vs 650). I had a great time at the beach, the owners didn’t go out of their way to be super-friendly but I had no hassles from them, they didn’t mind when I changed the date that I planned to check out, I had some very nice meals at their restaurant and they didn’t try to rip me off, threaten me or anything. I must admit that when I stayed, there seemed to be only one other guest at JS Hut, whereas Mai Pen Rai and Plaas both seemed quite full. If I’d googled JS Hut beforehand I’d definitely have freaked out and been too scared to stay there! I wonder if it’s changed hands since all these reviews were written? The family running JS Hut had a couple of small kids running round when I was there, it seems odd to imagine that they’d be beating tourists and threatening them with machetes with their kids watching! Also Than Sadet is a very small beach and there were quite a few people there (people staying there, others coming on day trips, locals etc) so I don’t understand how they could have been threatening people with guns in bread daylight in front of all those people, it just seems bizarre.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry for al of you that have had a bad experience from J´s Hut.
    I just love J´s Hut and the whole family.
    We stayed there this year and my kids played with their kids and played football on the beach.
    The had a party for us the last day with a lot of food and drink.
    They always treated us well and spoiled our sons.
    I have been to Thansadet 6 times and i have never seen some one been treated bad if they didn´t behave bad first.
    But when we stayed at Mai Pen Rai one of the employed tried to give us a fee after we had rent a jeep because there was a scratch on the car. An old one. It wasn´t Teeps ide,we didn´t had to pay ,Teep got embaraced.
    I think a lot of farang behave really bad when they go to Thailand, and we have to think one more time before we open our mouth.

    Take care of eachother out there.

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