Koh Phangan Ecstasy MDMA – Drug abuse in moderation?

Drug Abuse Koh Phangan Island

Drug abuse on Koh Phangan Island?

Mitsubishi – Stars – Crown – Heart – Mercedes Benz and whatsoever are the names of those tiny helpers. Regular eaten by many ‘full mooners’ and party hungry aliens here on Koh Phangan Paradise island.

They come in different colors, shapes and forms and are widely used for brain stimulation and mental research. The right dosage makes you go nuts, start hugging total strangers and develop feelings of being connected with something else. Music transforms into something indescribable and so is your body smell as you start sweating like an idiot!

Overdosed with the chemical ingredient called MDMA you might look a bit similar like on the picture to the left. The current market price for Ecstasy here on Koh Phangan is from 500 – 1000 Thai Baht each pill. Prices are subject to change around full moon party times. Especially during the full moon party night prices can climb up to 1.500 and more. Ask your local drug supplier for best quality and price.

Taken in moderation and proper dosage it can be fun and a major experience! Overdosed with ecstasy is also a major experience and those of you who haven’t tried yet …… everything in moderation … 😉

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10 Responses to Koh Phangan Ecstasy MDMA – Drug abuse in moderation?

  1. Anonymous says:


    Well, To many fools on this island does not know how to use drugs, they abuse it ! Moderation is the key,right? ..Also, There is some ppl sellin capsules that are blue and white, inside is not clean powder its like small small round corns. This is speed from the pharmacy, NOT MDMA ! Remmember this all you ppl in half moon complaining bout yer capsules. White pill with a star, not shaped like star. round and with a score on the back. Pure MDMA VERY clean and lovley pill, makes you really loved up for a couple of hours :) :) ( this is, At the moment batch going around) Someone told me its healthy to leave the real world once in awile :) Have a good one !

    • Anonymous says:

      Your brain is the better FX-builder of the Universe. Your brain does NOT need any extra chemical shit. PERMANENT damage , ever heard ?

      Do NOT destroy your commander center. You need it for the rest of your life. How old are you ? How long do you expect to enjoy natural health life ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Who are you speaking to? I know all the shit you have to tell anyone of us, Cmon. You cant go tell everybody who smokes ciggz that he can get cancer of it, this is silly i know i can get cancer of it already ! Better tell him to be careful or like “hey, you smoke to much sometimes mate, take it easy” . If he wants to do it he is going to do it….Also me i dun get brain damages i know about that and i use it no abuse it ! Some ppl who fuckes up their brains, they actually deserve it, easy easy .. thx and bye !

        • raspoutin says:

          oh… take it easy… why do you go balistic ???? some part of you knows … and is telling you the truth ….

          • Anonymous says:

            Im ve never felt the need to indulge in drugs,There are much better ways of enjoying yourself.
            I see the zombiefied pill-poppers with obvious personality defects,wandering around KPG in a comatose state,pretending that they are enjoying themselves and spending the next few days”out of it” recovering.And I think to my self “No thank-you”

            • Anonymous says:

              I think you have 2 do this atleast once in life if you feel ready for it, its good experince and you understand something´s much better . Seriously! You can learn from it ! and then its no prob for me feelin out of it the next day since i have something to take with me for the rest of my life … Moderation!

              • Anonymous says:

                Good point :


                I’m very curious about what one could learn from a drug experience….? That moderation is better than excessively poisonning your body. Good point. What else please ???

                • Anonymous says:

                  Kinda consciousness expansion, quickly; kinda adduction to the addictive side of the phenomenom-na 2; “tu sais ce qu’elle te fait, et puis tu le refais, tu le refais” Téléphone

      • ouzodave says:

        Your brain is the better FX-builder of the Universe.

        Do NOT destroy your commander center.

        Nice one mate i will have some of what you are on 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I would have loved to have got hold of some! Couldn’t see anyone i could have got some from!

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