Corrupt Koh Phangan Party Island – Where the heck are the fresh & up-to-date news?

Koh Phangan Island News 01

Koh Phangan Island News

This website seems to be dead! Where has the awful truth gone? Where the heck are the fresh & up-to-date real news about Koh Phangan Island?

Over the last couple of months Becki received quite a few emails and comments asking about the real news from the Island of Madness.

Well … if you have followed the stories on this website it seems to be more than obvious that the real news about Koh Phangan has finally come to a very end!

Yep … order has finally been re-established and we can now concentrate on some of the more important issues … our right to make money … to succeed … to at last develop our little paradise island called Koh Phangan.

I really wish you guys best of luck with all your top notch 21st century future plans for this nice little island and hopefully you will not get lost in between things and always try to remember to respect each other. Be good, nice & take care of each other – especially take care of this nice, little island called Koh Phangan!

You are all one & love is all you need!

I personally will soon close this little project of mine called Koh Phangan Island News and I’m looking forward to new & exciting challenges. Where ever the wind blows me!

It was a pleasure and hopefully you’re all not too mad at Becki for publishing ‘The Awful Truth’ about Koh Phangan Island in the last couple of years.

Yes … I know that I brought myself in trouble! But to be honest I’m really glad that I did! I’m proud of myself and I would always do it again. I would always try to help other human beings. This makes me human … and again … I’m proud of this!

So … God bless you all! Be good, nice & take care of each other!

We will probably meet up again … on an island somewhere … some other life!

Greetings 😉


Koh Phangan Island News 02

Koh Phangan Island News

Koh Phangan Island News 03

Koh Phangan Island News

Koh Phangan Island News 04

Koh Phangan Island News

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11 Responses to Corrupt Koh Phangan Party Island – Where the heck are the fresh & up-to-date news?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you afraid Becki???

    The awful truth??
    Dont belive that you have other projects

    Chockdi kap

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will the website stay live Becki? Even if there is no new news it would be great if the website stays up. It has a lot of memories for me of a time long ago. I would be very sad if it is not available even if it is just in archive form.

  3. Anonymous says:

    see you somewhere… thanx for all, you did a good job…
    take care & chockdee khap

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Becki and who ever likes these pages. If you wouldn’t, why read them?

    The way everyone writes about it, doesn’t seem very encouraging for others to write, to do more :( to keep them alive.

    For me there aren’t only the stories posted on this web site that interest me, there are many other ways that it can help, so i do have a look not to often but at least once a week.
    Have been living on this island now for a few years and for sure many things have changed since i came here first more than 20yrs ago.
    Can we stop change?
    Why is the truth awful?
    What can each of us do, to make it better?

    Dear Becki i wish you good luck where ever the wind blows you and thanks for these pages over all these years

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cheers Becki, this site has kept me updated with whats been going on on the island since i stopped going there, my mates there tell me a lot but this has give a great insight!! maybe see you i South America, theres gotta be some islands down there like the good old days!! Peace!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have enjoyed many years of reading the KPG Island News. I haven’t always completely agreed with all of your posts but the majority I have. Too bad that nobody on the island is willing to take over the site from you for maybe a small fee?

    A few dedicated people from around the island could make it real and fun! A more positive approach would be a welcomed change too. Not that I would like to see the real news candy coated! Some Thai input would be nice also! What the F… a bit of a gossip column would add some good colour as long as it’s not hurt full.

    Food for thought for you island residents that just sit on arses all day doing little of any value.

    Cheers Glyn

  7. Pete Day says:

    Given the number of rude, psycho and just trouble-making people who crawl out of the woodwork to express their vile comments while hiding behind their anonymity, these days, I would never run a news site. The sickos spoil it for all.

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