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Koh Phangan Island News – What’s the future going to be?

Koh Phangan Island News 01
Koh Phangan Island News

Yep … Koh Phangan Island News, the one and only website reporting the real news about the Island of Madness, has finally come to a very end!

But … is it really true? Will there really be no more un-censored & non-corrupted news about one of the last lost paradises on our planet earth called Koh Phangan – The Island of Madness?

Well … this actually just depends on your very participation! On your willingness to share some of your precious time and inform others about the real news & facts from the lost paradise called Koh Phangan Island.

As mentioned earlier douche bag dickhead pussy Becki has decided to leave the Island Of Madness and therefore I’m no longer in the position to provide you with the latest island gossip … the latest Full Moon Party reviews … the latest reports about the Techno Party Battlefield in Ban Tai village … the latest motorbike accidents … the latest police road blocks along the quiet coast roads … the latest murdersdead touristsshootingskillings …or even stabbings of some unsuspecting tourist during the infamous Full Moon Party night down at world famous Hadrin beach.

But there is indeed no reason to always publish so called ‘negative’ news about Koh Phangan Island! You could indeed, as suggested by one of our lovely comment poster, transform your negative island perception and find back to your beautiful heart and publish a few extraordinary notes about that awesome deep throat blowjob experience little miss Gung selflessly serviced you at the ‘Give me all your money or I will stab you in the back’ girly bar down the horny mile between Thongsala and Ban Tai village.

Or … instead of posting comments how badly this website sucks and calling Becki a pussy … you could also easily get your shit together, realize that you actually indeed do suffer from a major inferiority complex, and start doing something positive and finally contribute to the ‘original’ Koh Phangan community instead of complaining and moaning about nearly everything Koh Phangan Island News has to offer.

So … my dear & pure hearted friends from the Koh Phangan community … get your shit together 🙂

Koh Phangan No Drugs 03
Koh Phangan No Drugs

Equip yourselves with some digital cameras and explore the last secret & hidden spots the Island Of Madness still has to offer. Tell us about your weird ‘experience’ on the party island of Koh Phangan. Tell us about your personal ‘magic trip’ or the real & pure ecstasy you recently came in contact with at one of the thousands ‘Respect the Nature but give us all your money’ music dance festivals on the party island Koh Phangan.

Tell us where we can find the good pills … the bad pills … some real brainy acid and some good nice smelly weed to smoke! Tell us about the good guys … warn us about the bad guys who lurk behind the next coconut tree looking to gain personal financial profit just because you’re an un-informed tourist visiting Koh Phangan for the very first time!

Did you ever buy a small bag of Phangan Ganja to only be visited by local & friendly smiling police cops a few minutes later at your bungalow? And out of a sudden another friendly smiling so called lawyer showed up to guide you into the deep realms of the legal system in Thailand! Only to realize a few minutes later that you’re standing in front of the ATM machine typing in your secret pin code.

Did something like this ever happen to you? Tell us where you bought that stinky bag of ‘original’ Phangan Ganja. Tell us what happened … notify us about places to avoid …inform us what NOT to do!

Koh Phangan No Drugs 02
Koh Phangan No Drugs

Tells us where we can find the best steak on the island … the best freaking air conditioned Korean barbeque restaurant … as we already got a few hundred such places. Did we really need another one? Are we finally running out of ideas on this majestic little paradise?

Also please tell us about restaurants where the food really sucks and is so disgusting that you don’t want any other human being to taste it! Please inform us about the good & best bungalow places to stay during the Full Moon Party peak season and please also leave a note where the bungalow owners are greedy and only after your money so others can be warned and don’t have to make the same stupid experience you did.

Tell us about the good things Koh Phangan Island has to offer! But also warn the un-informed Koh Phangan tourist about the snaky traps waiting to be stepped in behind nearly every coconut tree!

If you prefer then please focus on the positive things Koh Phangan Island has to offer – you’re more than welcome to do so!

But please keep in mind that the awful truth doesn’t have to be awful! Shit happens everywhere on this planet but we do have the possibility to inform others about it so they don’t have to make the same stupid mistake you did.

It probably won’t change a thing as the ‘bad’ guys are here for a reason and probably will never change their attitude but it’s not necessary to be at the wrong place the wrong time! Instead it could be the perfect time at the perfect place … let the information flow!

Koh Phangan Police Report 10
The Land of the Smile 😉

So … at the very end it actually starts again with the beginning … the circle closes! Here’s a quote from the early beginning of Koh Phangan Island News website:

“Anyway … this website was originally sent into this universe to act as an open portal, a meeting point, a source of exchange, an area to share information, knowledge, fun, happiness and whatever else pops up in your mind about Koh Phangan Paradise Island. The ongoing and never ending process highly depends up on your cooperation and support! You and any extraterrestrial being in this galaxy are more than welcome to join Koh Pha-ngan Island News now!”

So … don’t hesitate a single second and start participating now in this global cosmic experiment. Please sign up and register for free of course and then you’re able to:

* submit news, articles, reviews
* share knowledge, fun & happiness
* or anything else you want other people let to know about Ko Pangan Paradise Island

So … what’s it going to be? Moaning? Complaining? Calling everyone a douche and just shut the fuck up?

Or will you take part … will you participate … will you contribute to the community? Will you share some of your precious times and finally let others know how you experienced your stay on Koh Phangan Paradise – The Island Of Madness?

Who knows? I’ve been told that my thoughts actually do have impact on the reality so I better wisely use my wicked mental power … but the recent years … while having the purest thoughts and hope into human mankind, especially on Koh Phangan … just revealed to me that my wicked mental powers were simply not enough … access denied 😉

Koh Phangan Police Report 03
Original Koh Phangan Bullets!

Anyway … do I have any expectations? Of course not 😉

Even my good friend Glyn from Canada promised years and years ago that he would publish some more positive articles about Koh Phangan. But so far Glyn has always been far too busy showing off his newest high tech IPod Touch device to impress the chicks while hanging out at Mike’s during the high season. Look how I can zoom in while I move my fingers! Isn’t that impressive? Yes, Glyn … that’s really some fucking pretty impressive device you got there … awesome 😉 Please say hello to Karen 🙂

However … my job here is mostly done and I will promise to keep the website of Koh Phangan Island News online as long as I have access to some servers on the internet. There won’t be any more ‘negative’ news published by dickhead Becki but at least you can browse the archive here from time to time and refresh your memories of good, old Koh Phangan.

I will of course monitor and moderate this little website and login from time to time to see if some new articles finally made it through space & time ready to be published. Ready to spread the word … let it be good or ‘bad’!

That’s it for the moment! Be good, nice & Take care of each other!

16 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Island News – What’s the future going to be?

  • Anonymous

    bla bla bla………………………………………………………………………………………………
    shut up and stuck in germoney.

  • Anonymous

    Well you are very lucky to have been able to enjoy KP all these years. How did you survive there? I may want to try myself

    • Anonymous

      Some good feedback about KPG……. well I have been going there for close on 15 years now and have NEVER had a bad experience. I love the Island and the people, especially the locals Thais. I have always been shown warm friendly hospitality and respect and I have reciprocated in kind. I dont have a bad word to say about KPG or the locals. Sure the place has changed, show me ANYWHERE in the world that hasnt?
      But the negativity on this website seems to be instigated BY this website. All I see here is bitching and moaning about the locals, the island, the tourists, the prices. As I said to becki in another post, its not the island or the locals or the tourists that are fucked, its your attitude that is fucked. One of the laws of Karma is that “you get back what you give out”, so maybe some people should change their attitude and shut the fuck up with their negative bullshit. KPG is still paradise, its just that some morons dont seem to be able to see the forest because of all those damn shitty trees blocking the view………

  • Anonymous

    Omg..Becki..You big F*****ing cunt..hope that we never see you on the island anymore..German fuckface.

    Chokdee kap Big Cunt

  • Anonymous

    This is a saying that I have heard so many times over my life. Its something we may all be guilty of on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

    The thing is this. We should NEVER be heard saying this as we weren’t the ones who had a go and perhaps got it right, wrong or totally messed it up. The person who did it, DID IT!

    So as much as whatever we think of Becki, I myself applaud the guy for actually giving it a go and trying.

    Like others, some if not many before me, I first came to KPG in 1999, perhaps the last year of what I would call pureness. Perhaps there were still few enough people that the island was able to function in its lawless ways.

    The ganja was plentiful, strong and cheap. All the bohemain types or Alan likes wanted to do was to sit around with friends, chat, not leer and BE. Smoking was accepted as it was done in a shameless manner. It didn’t hurt anyone and everyone would enjoy the best Massamans, Kingfish dinners and be happy when at 9 the generater would run out, it meant it was bed time, time to go to seleep so the morning could come, the shade or cool mornign would allow frisbee or volleyball.
    The alcohol choice in 1999 was Thai beer, Thai whiskey or Thai rum.

    Thong Sala was tiny. Mikes or A’s was like a breathe of fresh air. The Swiss bakery was an inspirartion and natalie did well to work so hard for so little. Although she did get two beautiful daughters…

    Bottle Beach was the most amazing place I’d ever been. So quiet, so few people.

    infact, my first boat ride with Jonny round to that beach was like a dream come true. As we turned the corner of the rocks this long yellow sand bank stared at us. A few dots which turned out to be people lingered along the beach. A dream of so many Westerners. It encapulated the secret ‘Beach’ so many westerners dreamt/dream of. That was the year Alex Garlands book came out. maybe he knew it was all going to turn sour, his book which was romanticised by Hollywood was actually a warning of the ‘travellers’ culture. But that wasn’t a new concept, we’d already had Lord of the Flies and Robinson Crusoe to make us yearn for those far flung islands of hope, small democracy and freedom.

    Bottle Beach 1999, two months of pure love, frisbee and PeeMee and her gang at Bottle BEach II. She was and is still very special to me. The beach, the scenery the sky, the rock formations, the black divide way before Bottle Beach 3 was even a concept, when Mark ran the little bar. I just reacall everyone walking around saying ‘Wow, this place is just amazing’

    I thank Koh Phangan for what it gave me 10 years ago. It gave me hope and inspiration. It gave me more than a dream as it was a reality. The folk I met in that year and many to follow were all inspirastional, creative, loving and true. From what I have heard many folkk went on to do well fter spending time on that island.

    Jeese, in 1999 Hotmail had just been around for nearly a year. Mobile phones, MP3s and broadband, items we now all carry were a fantasy we talked of..

    The boat we took from mainland was so small, taking about 5 hours to draw up to the pier in ThongSala…

    I went with no expectations, prethoughts, no hopes and I found my own private Idaho.

    I still have friends live there. Some have set up successful businesses, others got together with their life long partners…Some simply use the place to recharge.

    I know Becki has had a lot of shit for what he writes in his site, but he did it and no one can ever take that away from the guy or say they could have done better as they didn’t, he did..

    I went back to Koh Phangan earlier this year with Ellie and we spent everyday just loving the island, the places we’d rented or stayed in the past, the places we’d eaten, the kids we’d taught…

    Koh Phangan has grown up, but so have we all. Peter Pan didn’t but Peter Pan was a fantasy and this place is a reality.

    I could write forever, but I feel I have passed my thoughts on this website and the island as best I can.

    For all those folks I met over the years and perhaps the people who I’ll meet in the future, you know, I know, we all know, we make of life what we choose. Choose the good and you might be lucky and enjoy a slice, choose the bad and……………………………………..

    • Anonymous

      Good points…… However, Becki DID have a go, he DID have his say but he DID speak out of turn and as a result, he got shot in the arse. He shitcanned the police, the taxi drivers, the bungalow operators, and the locals…… he was lucky he only got a warning in the form of a bullet in the arse. Now he has so many people speaking out against his diatribe because he shot his mouth off. One of the golden rules of living in any foreign country is to “never draw attention to yourself”. So what other outcome could there have been? What business of Beckis is it that he tries to lay down the law to the locals in a country in which he is a guest? I do believe that his goals were altruistic and he is probably a nice enough bloke….but stupid……..
      The world and everything in it changes, always has, always will. The desire to halt progress and deny others what they see as theyre right, ie money, cars, big screen tvs, the “high life”, etc etc, is misguided at best and stupid at worst. Only thru experience can the locals on KPG lear the lessons that some of us, in the rapidly evolving cultures that we stem from, have learned in a short period of time and that is that more is quite often less. Whom are we to deny them that learning curve? Removing the consequences of choice means that there is no choice at all….. And choice is a god (buddha) given right to all of us. Let the locals learn from their choice, as we in western society have (hopefully) done. Sure its no a perfect solution, but we have to allow choice to be the pragmatic teacher it is, otherwise society becomes nothing less than a fucking dictatorship. Harping on about corruption etc etc is just a dead end street, its part of ALL cultures, especially Asian, and thats just a byproduct of any society, here in Australia, or in Europe, the Usa, of any continent, its part of life and one of the things that makes the world go round. I see so many people getting immersed in the local bullshit on KPG, the politics, he said, she said etc etc, but at the end of the day, it is what it is, and the local gossip and rumour mongers that try tp portray themselves as “wealths of information because I have been coming here for 20 years” do more harm than good. Accept KPG for what it is and you WILL find paradise, the last paradise, for another decade or so at least. Becki, your, IMO, a complete fucking moron for your behaviour, either that or you just got to close to the whole situation and took it personally. I have no hard feelings toward you but I just hope you have learned your lesson on KPG and pulll your stupid fucking head in at the next place you call home, cause from what I red here mate, you are definately “persona non grata” on KPG. Leave the running of the local place to the locals and for fucks sake, keep a low profile and fit in with the locals, because its THEIR home and they SHOULDNT have to fit in with you or your perspective. If some fuckwit came to my home in Aust and started kicking up a stink about how we do things here, you wouldnt last a fucking week and vice versa, if I came to YOUR home and started telling you how to run your home and country, I would expect to get the shit kicked out of me. Are you completely fucking stupid or just completely fucking stoned?

      • Anonymous

        Haha ithink he is both

    • Anonymous

      I have pix of my staying in kpg in 1999 and I dont see at all this pureness… I came back in november 2009 and I enjoyed more the party in bantai than the whole full moon party of the 21/12/99. So please dont tell us the usual story about the past and the present. Everything changes, true. But the reality is that what changes the most is ourselves…

      • Anonymous

        You mean our illusion eventually bursts?

  • i have been to koh phangan 7 times now, started 2004 – i NEVER made bad experience altough sometimes (or alwas?) i didn’t have been very careful (including buying “forbidden” things, lock hutdoor, drink TOO much, trust “unknown” people etc.) – it always ended without ANY trouble and i always had a GREAT time and got real local friends there – i still love it and always will!!!!

    by the way, the most worst shit i had to face was in spain, barcelona… and i couldn’t charge the city for this, too…

    i still hope, that there will always people make best expierences like me at kpg, too – there is too much positive you can explore if you want to… ist always belongs a little by your self!!!

  • Anonymous

    As per the usual on this site we see some very good posts with some of the usual dim wits.

    Things have changed in deed over the years… Some things for the better and maybe some things are not as good for sure. Yes Becki. I’m still in love with my iPod touch and use it none stop… One of the big improvements has to be internet access KPG… Even the girls at Mike’s seem to be much friendlier these days…

    I have to say that I wish this web site didn’t degenerate into such a negative read all of the time. I didn’t disagree with Becks position on the parties around Baan Tai, but his approach to solving it got out of hand. The web posts I don’t think did much of anything other than piss off the party organizers.

    KPG and Samui have a horrible reputation and its hurting the tourist numbers big time. These beautiful islands were once jewels and have gone steadily downhill. The lack of any kind or plan to keep them beautiful is unfortunate. Local government seems to see concrete at the answer to beautification?

    The taxi thing has got to be fixed. Sure for most of the long stayers this isn’t a problem because we all drive motor bikes. The average tourists depend on taxis. The cost of a taxi triples at night and hence anybody that depends on them for transport leaves. I have seen taxis asking for 900 baht at night for a one-way trip to Haad Yao… Do you think those tourists are coming back? I doubt it… Samui is no better, 300baht to go anywhere! We have all taken a taxi in Bangkok and know how far 300 baht will take 3 people!
    Many on the island of madness don’t want to see retirees or families coming to KPG. Sorry but those tourists would help the local economy. The parties are good too and do attract some tourists, they need to locate them in a location that is not problematic for the locals. I’m not sure how many people have noticed how little time the full mooners spend on Phangan? It’s not long; many just come for the night now! Ten years ago you would see the numbers building for a week before the party and many would hang around for a second week…

    The cops need to get it together too; selling dope so that they can bust some kid is not what they are paid to do. The helmet checks are fair game and that is totally okay. Road checks and searches are a big piss off for me and I really resent it when it happens. I have heard about the many people being kicked off motor bikes and getting robbed, how about fixing that little problem? If some changes don’t happen the island will never develop to its potential.

    Even with all that is wrong with the islands I still enjoy them and will continue to do my annual pilgrimage to them. It could be so much better….

    Cheers Glyn

    • Anonymous

      Well, here is some news. The owner of Francks restaurant Thong Sala has been arrested for possession of Cocain. Thats a fact. Some said it was 32 grams and a bog pack of weed. Roomers also says, that the newly opened gay and cabaret bar had a raid, and that the police found another 100 gr of coke there. Another roomer says, that Kimao Bar is involved.

      I love the French. They are so good for the Island. They really know how to behave. They sell drugs and beat up the wrong people. Also they stole the world Cup qualification from Ireland.

      Finally some of them behind Barrs.


      • Anonymous

        however kimao rocks ass sometimes so shut it man

    • Taxis in Bangkok are cheap as, Tuk tuks however are a ripoff.

      • Anonymous

        this island is a shithole … dont go there !!

        • u are much more a shithole!


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