High density of police check-points on Koh Phangan Paradise Island

Koh Phangan Police 01

Koh Phangan Rotal Police Force

During the last couple of days island officials reported a high density of secure police check points along the west coast of Koh Phangan Island close to the villages of Thongsala, Wok Tum, Hin Kong and Srithanu.

Due to the increased number of tourists traveling to Koh Pha-Ngan Island during high season around Christmas and New Year period local police security agents reinforced the security level on Koh Phangan by an intensive setup of numerous check points along the west coast.

A large number of tourists have been searched by local police forces for the illegal possession of prohibited mind altering substances like marihuana, Ecstasy, LSD or crystal meth, also locally known as Yaa Bah.

Island police officials further revealed, “Since the War against Drugs a couple of years ago the main suppliers of illegal drugs have been mostly eliminated throughout the nation! But still we do observe a large amount of tourists in a questionable mental state while being here on this beautiful island. Therefore we think that tourists might just bring their personal supply of illegal drugs with them to this island. This disrespectful behavior needs to be stopped! Just say No Drugs – Enjoy Koh Phangan Island Naturally!”.

So far an official list of freshly caught illegal drug possessors has not been published by the local police forces.

In the past a couple of serious claims were made by numerous tourists that local police officers were working closely together with local drug suppliers and lawyers in case of illegal possession of drugs.

An unnamed tourist finally disclosed, “On my arrival at the resort I got offered a small pack of marijuana by the resort owner which I gratefully purchased. Then a few hours later the local police showed up and searched my bungalow for illegal drugs. Unfortunately the police found the marihuana pack and I got arrested. Once I arrived at the police station a friendly, smiling lawyer was already waiting for me. The lawyer then arranged all necessities for me and after paying 80.000 Baht in cash they finally let me go. This whole thing was an organized setup!”

Local police officers have strongly denied the existence of any of these claims.

“Such claims are outrageous! Local police officers are only here to serve and protect the tourists on Koh Phangan!” a local police officer further stated.

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9 Responses to High density of police check-points on Koh Phangan Paradise Island

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey what’s with that! “on my arrival at the resort” Come on Beckman at the very least you can report the aweful truth and name the resort… I thought that’s what this site did?

    • Anonymous says:

      Of coarse they making more checks in the high season, they need money (police) life it is becoming expensive on koh phangan. Of coarse there is no drug problem in Thailand since the war of drugs. They are all acting together to satisfy the DEA. Big warning boards on the streets that adicts are not welcome. I just wondering what they gonna do with all those thai adicts to alcohol 😉 the island may be empty soon……
      Of coarse there are no local sellers, sure sure, we are in Thailand here ;-)))))

    • Anonymous says:

      Things don’t work in Thailand like back in your country… especially on a small paradise island like Koh Phangan. Thats why you don’t use your horn when taxi drivers are doing crazy maneuvers and so on… if the locals start to dislike you, they will make you leave the island… alive or in a coffin, you choose!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah right, and anybody know the Koh Phangan Police is the biggest drug dealer around. Or what is with the plantage at BanTai or…… Big buissiness and money for the police, amazing Thailand :):):)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Common guys, let the police also have their share of the big money pool. Their salary is really low and anything on this island cost 3 or 4 times more than anywhere else. The have to survive too. Apart from that, anybody got caught by the police should stop whining, they have been warned enough regarding drugs in Thailand. At least they could pay money to get away and not spend their holidays in the prison. And if the Taxi driver can do their game with the Farangs why should the police not do the same?

  4. Anonymous says:

    hip hip hurray and a big cheers to the koh phangan police. i like the police here. never had a bad experience so far.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your a pretty funny, me neither but I wouldn’t be putting your karma to the test like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      well your lucky do agree with the drugs to a certain extent its the peoples own fault and agree the cops gotta make a few quid but if u have a road accident on phangan that is a thais fault whatever the circumstances unless u have a thai spouse it will be your fault and you will pay for both bikes/cars + your hospital bill i aint bitchin there country can do what they like and i still love it!

  5. James says:

    Things don’t work like they do back home, and this, on top of the natural beauty of the island, are the main reasons we like to go there.

    If you respect the Thai people and there way of life all will be fine. If you start to behave like you might back home, thinking you own the place and can do what you like under the protection of your embassy, then you are in for a shock.

    This island is paradise and must be treated with respect.

    The Thai’s are a beautiful people and can make your stay in there country one to remember for a long time, but if you start to take the piss and act like an idiot, they can make all your nightmares come true. Fairly self explanatory i feel.

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