Koh Phangan Baan Kai Culture – Art Street Festival on the Island of Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Baan Kai Culture
Koh Phangan Baan Kai Culture

On 21st of December 2008, Baan Kai Culture Koh Phangan will be hosting their first “Art Street Festival” from 3pm till late.

The Baan Kai Art Street Festival at the south coast of Koh Phangan Island will have an open flea market, live music, African Drum workshops, DJ friends and open air cinema, showing Ron Fricke’s masterpiece “Baraka” – a world beyond words.

Additional there’s kid’s activities and furthermore homemade international food-specialties which will make it a pleasant day for everyone.

More reasons to celebrate with us is the art opening of Peter’s sculpture exhibition “Objects” and also his birthday …

We definitely hope it will be in everyone’s interest to let the festival take part every month and to finally introduce Baan Kai Culture as an intercultural meeting point for Thai and Foreigners on Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Everybody who’s interested in street art, exhibitions, music and independent documentary movies is more than welcome to take part in the Baan Kai Art Festival.

Please contact Kim (Thai) +66 (0)859090433 or Fenja (Engl.) +66 (0)890713288 at least a couple of days before the event so we can include you in our festival program – thank you!

Let’s talk and make the festival a positive enrichment for Koh Phangan Island and enjoy a nice day all together!

Baan Kai Culture Art Street Festival is located in Baan Kai village between Thongsala and world famous Full Moon Party beach Hadrin at the south coast of Koh Phangan Island.

4 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Baan Kai Culture – Art Street Festival on the Island of Koh Phangan

  • Anonymous

    Festival? What a loads of bollocks! A sign across the road, a few oil paintings on the street that they brought outside their row of shops and about 20 visitors on motorbikes!! A cultural event? … a load of bollocks is what it was!

  • I like to part of the sow ! I’m french from Paris art show.
    My work is installation with black light neon.
    then it look like a big screen in 3D
    I have been working with great success in GOA and In IBIZA
    Today my wife she is Thai women , also from THAI TV show…
    I would like to show my work to the Thai people and the international people who visit
    Joseph Heni

  • joseph Heni

    waiting for some new’z

    • Hi Jeni I have a Joseph Jeni Goa art piece…can you come in touch with me so I can send you a photo


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