Thongsala Rocks – A review of a great event on Koh Phangan Island

Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan
Thongsala Rocks

Hello there 😉 Well, I’m a bit late with my review but first of all I have to tell you it was a really great live gig. Arrived at A’s Coffee Shop around 9 p.m. and the place was fully packed. I’ve never seen so many people at Mike’s restaurant, some of them even had to stand outside of the restaurant – amazing! And most of Koh Phangan ‘long term patients’ were also present that night. The only guy missing was Steffen the webmaster of though it was written on the flyer that he was supposed to show up 🙂

However, most of Koh Phangan ‘long term patients’ showed up and it was a night of friends and being together having fun! The chaotic mixture of rock, soul and blues started a bit after 9 p.m. and the live band was in excellent conditions that night. Even Mick Ford told me later that he didn’t have a single drink before the gig 😉

And Mick I have to tell you that I really enjoy you playing the harmonica. That’s what I call The Blues ! Billy the ‘Kid’, who even didn’t return yet to his apartment in Chiang Mai just because it’s so much fun to play music at the moment, seemed to have also a very good night and was serving the audience with his fine bass rhythms. Our two young “E” genic Norwegians Paul & Christian on guitar, drums and vocals also looked like they enjoyed the show. Then we had our special guest Glyn from Canada (lead vocals) live on stage for a song and later on Roger from Germany joined the band doing some drum rolls 😉

Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Paul Luxury Boy
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Billy The Kid
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Weed Christian
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Mick Ford on lead guitar
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Roger drum rolls
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Special guest Glyn from Canada

Even lots of Thais – some of them restaurant owners – showed up that night standing outside A’s Coffee Shop and trying to find out what is going on there. Counting the people, counting the $ Dollars and thinking about how much profit they would make in a night if they would organize something like that at their place. So staying in Thailand – the land of copies – I suppose in the near future you will see lots of flyers telling you about a live gig here and there. Though a bit sad that they only see the $ Dollar sign behind all of it instead of seeing just the FUN of it. That’s why we all came to this planet => HAVING FUN 🙂

Please check out the Picture Gallery Thongsala Rocks – A Review of a demented live gig

Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Applause – Applause
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Satisfied Audience
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Outside A’s Coffee Shop
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Mick Ford on vocals
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Inside A’s Coffee Shop
Thongsala Rocks Koh Phangan Island
Mike cleaning up the mess 🙂

The demented live gig ended around midnight and it was a really great happening in Thongsala downtown. So let’s just hope that this was not the last live gig at A’s Coffee Shop because all of us – the band and the audience – enjoyed that excellent night! Though i have to say that I had a bit too much of that very delicious German “Hefeweissbier” 🙂

Wish you all a nice day, have fun & enjoy life to its best 😉

3 thoughts on “Thongsala Rocks – A review of a great event on Koh Phangan Island

  • Anonymous

    Thongsala has started to Rock! This was a great event and I hope this is the start of something for the town… Koh Phangan needs to offer more than just moon parties.

    To get Thongsala rocking, someone needs to sort our the night time taxi fares. It’s extortion the prices charged at night. This problem keeps many people at the bungalows in the evening..

    • Anonymous

      I can’t agreee more to that comment.

      Having spent some time on KPG and during this time spending hours with a friend at the hospital with an infected foot, I witnessed how dangerous the island is for riding around on the mopeds.

      I know your gonna say, yeah only those who drive stupidly come off but I asked everyone I saw those two weeks at the Hospital and not one of them seemed to be driving dangerously.

      Loose roads, bad holes….even blow outs of tyres riding down the main from Thongsala. The thing is no one wears the right gear, its not practical to wear leathers in 90 degrees plus. The problem is we dont heal as quickly as our Thai friends, our Western cuts take an age to heal. Right?

      So the taxi’s who make an okay living by daylight should either stay at home and not moan about how thers only two of you at nine o’clock wanting a ride home
      . YES YES you here it again and agian. It will cost 1oo Baht to get to Chaloklam during daylight with sometimes little chance of someone needing a ride back (if the Bottle Beach taxi guys have anything to do with it)but as soon as the sun drops the cost goes up to an inflated 400 baht????

      If you have driven a car on the island Im sure you’ll be aware it cost about 60 bahts worth of petrol to get you from Thongsala along the west coast to Chaloklam and back down the middle. So compared to a mooped costing 30 baht for what? 2 days driving everywhere it is expensive…
      Its a shame that not one taxi driver has seen the business side of cheaper fairs promoting the use of a bus like system, literally circling the island.

      Maybe thats my drive a big old yellow shcool bus around at night making life safer and cheaper for residents and tourists alike!!!!

      • Here, here that’s exactly what is needed a scheduled service. I bet you wouldn’t live long if you mess with the taxi business. I don’t get it, why don’t the Thongsala business folks try to get the authorities to fix it?


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