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Koh Phangan district chief cancels October full-moon party

Koh Phangan will cancel the full-moon party next month as the country prepares for the solemn cremation rites for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Koh Phangan district chief Kriekkrai Songthani said on Friday that the full moon party event for October would be called off on the resort island in the Gulf of Thailand.

The full moon party day next month falls on Oct 5 but Had Rin beach, where the raucous event is normally held each month, is expected to be quiet. All entertainment activities will also be banned throughout the month but entertainment venues can sell drinks and food during the period, said Mr Kriekkrai.

Local authorities from kamnan to village chiefs have been ordered by the district to strictly adhere to the restrictions by closely monitoring all activities on the island, he added.

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No Full Moon Party on the island of Madness, Koh Phangan, in October 2017

3 thoughts on “Koh Phangan district chief cancels October full-moon party

  • Clarke

    This is absolutely apalling from the Thai government – they knew they were going to bury the king but didn’t tell tourists that Full Moon party would be canceled until 8 days before the event?! Outrageous.

    So many of us have spent hundreds buying tickets and sorting accommodation and are furious about the short notice that means our money is wasted.

    • Make more money, loser.

  • Quincy

    If the only reason someone travels all the way to Thailand just to spend a few hours dancing at the shithole called Had Rin beach, then that person really needs to get a life with some sort of meaning.


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