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Dennis travels towards the light on the Island of Koh Phangan

Dennis Tramboo 01
Dennis Tramboo

Hello again and welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News – the islands only independent news network keeping you informed about what is really going on on the Island of Madness.

Well … this time we got some bad news for you as another great soul has left the island!

His name is Dennis Tramboo and probably many of you out there have met him here on Koh Phangan Island. Dennis grew up here on this paradise island and went to school with the local Thai kids and had lots of Thai and western friends here.

Later in his young live Dennis always came back to this nice little island and as far as I know his life here was a slice of Koh Phangan history!

Dennis was 29 years young and passed away during sunrise in the morning of 24th February 2009.

The funeral ceremony was held 28th February 2009 and we all finally had to say our very last and mostly sad goodbye with many tears in our eyes ;-(

Hereby we would like to send all our best wishes and deepest feelings for this tragic loss to his girl friend Eve and his two kids Anjuly and Jason, 3 and one and a half years old.

Furthermore lots of light and love to his mother Sonja and his brother Aki plus his sisters Jenna, Nina and Paula. May god bless your souls and help you through these terrible times ….

And if some of you out there actually knew Dennis then please don’t hesitate and send out some blissful thoughts to Dennis and his family – thank you!

So … Dennis, was a real pleasure knowing you and please don’t worry a thing and just keep travelling towards the light!

R.I.P. – Rest In Peace!

Please also visit our picture gallery -> Dennis Tramboo R.I.P.

Dennis Tramboo 02
Dennis Tramboo
Dennis Tramboo 03
Dennis Tramboo
Dennis Tramboo 04
Dennis Tramboo

8 thoughts on “Dennis travels towards the light on the Island of Koh Phangan

  • Anonymous

    I Never heard about this and is a shock to me as i didnt think he was sick. He was a great guy and may he rest in peace..May i ask what happen to him.

    • Oh my beloved brother,

      i can’t believe what happened and that you are not with us anymore. Of course you are deep in our hearts, but i miss you so much…your smile, your voice, your laugh, your scent…just everything 🙁
      I am so thankful for all what you taught me/us, you were always my ideal…oh brother, i love you so much and i will always act like you would. Don’t worry about Eve and the kids…we will take good care of them!!! We let you go, hoping you will find peace!!! Sending you much love, peace and light

      your always loving you, little sister

    • He was full of life and i am sure he is now on a peacefull place.

      I met him just a view month ago and we had a good connection.

      I send him love and light and may his family be protected for ever!

    • Anonymous

      This are soo bad news. I was in holiday while this happened and just heard about that.
      We went to school together in Munich and he was one of the smartest and most popular guys in the school…. i really cant find word to describe what i am feeling at the moment…

      • Anonymous

        I’d just met the guy recently and was only chatting to him in tesco the other day.. then this, I am very shocked, he really did seem like a nice bloke and I am very saddened, my heart goes out to his family and friends

        • Anonymous

          I spent quite a lot of time on KPG but never met Dennis, he looks like a very nice guy and I wish all his family and friends good luck. RIP Dennis.

    • Anonymous

      words can not describe how this makes me feel. i will always remember you as the good friend you where, caring, loving and kind. i have known you since you where a little boy and it brakes my heart to loose you at such an early time. i hope that wherever you are you are leading the life you always wished for. since i wont see you in this life anymore, i gues ill see you on the other side.
      my thoughts are with you and of course with your brother, my brother aki, sister jenna, nina, paula and mother sonja and last but not least with eve and the kids.
      you will forever live on in my memeories denni.
      your friend alex

      • Anonymous

        Sad to here that such a young guy left us. May I ask what happened to Dennis???

        RIP Dennis!!


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