Koh Phangan Party Island – Techno Party Zone Madness Report Part 1

Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 01
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report

Hello there and a warm & happy welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News – the one and only independent news network keeping you misinformed about what is really going on here, on the Island of Madness, formerly better known as Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Well, my dear Phangan Lovers out there 😉 Where to start?

First of all my deepest gratitude goes to all my beloved Phangan friends out there and their massive support by sharing their opinions on this nice and uncensored public platform called Koh Phangan Island News. Thanks really a lot for that and please keep posting your marvelous island wisdom madness as your opinion does matter and we really do appreciate that – thanks.

While browsing through the most recent comments posted here at Koh Phangan Island News website Becki could definitely sense lots of frustration and some people even suggested to better stop fighting and sit back and let the dark evil forces finally destroy this nice little paradise island because now after years of posting and publishing the awful truth it feels like we are losing the battle.

Quote: “I see that Becki has not posted any new articles for some time and has removed the parties sections so one can only assume he feels similar and has had some intimidation towards him for some of the articles.”

So … my first message to all of you … there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and let’s better hope that this isn’t just another wicked train travelling towards us 😉

Secondly … Never give up! Never surrender 😉 There is always hope around the next corner. And if you think there isn’t then please look again. Change your perspective! Change your way of thinking and you will realize that there is always hope somewhere out there – trust me!

And again … this time in big capital and bold letters -> NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER!

I know from my very own experiences that this is a tough way to go. Sometimes it feels easy and delightful; sometimes it feels hard and steep. Even exhausting … but the awful truth has to be told and always remember the light is constantly with you. If you think you can’t see or feel it … then pause for a second and have a look again. It’s always somewhere just next to you but you probably have been too busy speaking with yourself not being able to even recognize it. Stop for a second … take a deep breath … and then have a look again 😉

Well … this sounds a lot like Becki’s freaking spiritual teachings (which you never actually should listen to anyway!) so I better stop right there and go back to our main point of concern -> Techno Party Battlefield Baan Tai Village.

So … what’s the news then you might ask?

Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 02
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 03
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 04
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report

Apparently, the famous Half Moon Festival has been shut down at 2 am March 18th 2009!

Finally after lots and lots of efforts and an endless amount of energy the (corrupt?) local Koh Phangan authorities, chief of district and police, got their asses kicked again by higher forces from capital city Bangkok and Suratthani.

On 18th March 2009 a public meeting was held at Wat Pho temple in Baan Tai village to find a final solution to the problem caused by the local Koh Phangan Party organizers like Half Moon Festival, Black Moon Culture, Jungle Experience and the beloved evil Shiva Moon Party Family.

Approximately 150 local Thai people from Baan Tai village attended the public meeting at Wat Pho temple and for now Becki doesn’t want to go into too many details as I would like to dedicate another separate article to this meeting. So … more coming soon!

The final conclusion of that meeting in a short form:

Only 4 all night long parties will be allowed in Baan Tai village. Namely Half Moon Festival, Black Moon Culture, Jungle Experience & Shiva Moon Party. Furthermore there will be no more new parties allowed!

Each party organizer will get permissions for only one party each month and the party has to shut down 6 am sharp. This is the final party arrangement the people of Baan Tai village agreed to!

Again … I will soon post more details about this awesome meeting 😉

So … that’s the big news on the Island of Madness but I would really like to show you the development of the thrilling events during the last couple of weeks in a chronological order.

Well … let’s start with beginning of last months February 2009. Exactly during that time when Koh Phangan Island News Headquarters decided to publish the most controversial and also judgmental article about Techno Party Battlefield Baan Tai village, the local (corrupt?) authorities from the Island of Madness, chief of district and police, finally got contacted and being issued a warning by some higher authorities from the mainland in Suratthani and capital city Bangkok.

By the way, all party zone articles are up and online again to provide you an overview of the happenings of the last 3 years. A good point to start reading is here as it links to all the previous articles.

Then just shortly after we published our masterpiece banishing all parties in and around Baan Tai village we received some strange anonymous phone calls at our secret underground base facilities.

“Hey Beckmann, you better shut the fuck up! You’re mafia and we think it is better for you to leave the island! If you don’t stop now you better watch your head as something might start happening to you and then you will know who we are!”, the anonymous phone caller said.

Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 05
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 06
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report 07
Koh Phangan Party Zone Report

Well … Becki sort of expected some wicked island insanity to happen and then 2-3 days later a young but mostly angry Thai bloke showed up at my place with a not so very friendly looking face to send me another warning. He left without saying a word but the message was obvious and more than crystal clear.

The next day Becki received some internal forwarded warnings from some party organizers via a good friend of mine and the message was one more time more than easy to understand.

Becki, there are only two options! You have to leave the island or take your website offline!

Well … taking Koh Phangan Island News website offline was indeed not an option as we live in a free world and the power of free speech should indeed not be suppressed in any way.

So the next night Becki finally had the very rare pleasure listening to some gunfire at my place while sitting on the veranda doing whatever I was doing. Three warning shots have been fired from a distance and Becki could hear the bullets dashing through the coconut palm tree leaves next to my house. Impressive!

Again … the message was more than obvious! Peace, love and dance? Come and satisfy your soul? You better decide!

A few days later, 17th February 2009, another internal emergency meeting had been held at the district office and finally the first parties had been shut down by 2 am. First Jungle Experience 19th February 2009, then Baan Sabai, Destination Party, etc …

At that point, with the friendly and outstanding support from our Senior Techno Party Analyst, Dr. Prof. M.A.D. Amber Holland, from the United States of America, we finally decided to temporarily remove all critical party zone articles for the moment being.

Koh Phangan Island News finally had the impression that our agenda was showing the first results and therefore decided to calm down the more than hot emotions by temporarily moving the judgmental party articles into the archive section.

Not just because of all the recent threats from some party organizers!

Free speech is an important tool and should not be allowed to be suppressed or censored! But once the necessary results have been achieved it’s a good time to calm down and relax a bit to avoid collateral damage. This is not about war … fighting each other. This is about improving things to find a better solution for everyone and keep real peace in Baan Tai village.

Join us in becoming human again! Spread the word and help make Koh Phangan a better place – thanks!

To be continued …

29 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Party Island – Techno Party Zone Madness Report Part 1

  • March 20, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    just a suggestion,not a threat……..

    why instead of getting involve in all this story ,you just move to a more silence part of the island like sri tanu,tan sadet,had yao……

    you have the whole island except for had rin and bantai……

    another thing,why do you post articles about bantai party scene and you almost never say anything about the nightlife in hadrin?

    what about the people yhat lives in hadrin and cannot sleep because of the noise?

    i’m sorry to sceptic about this new arrangement……..

    what will happen when the half moon party is full of people willing to keep buying alcohol…….how many times they will close it at 6 am?

    maybe the yoga scene at sri tanu is more your style?

    no shootings at your place!

    good luck!

    • March 21, 2009 at 2:41 am

      hello there 😉

      why instead of getting involve in all this story ,you just move to a more silence part of the island like sri tanu,tan sadet,had yao

      again, this is not only about me personally! as it became quite obvious in the last meeting at Wat Pho temple the whole village of Baan Tai doesn’t want this party terror here. Yep, we could indeed move the whole Baan Tai village to a more silent part of the island. Or … how about just moving the parties somewhere else?

      another thing,why do you post articles about bantai party scene and you almost never say anything about the nightlife in hadrin?

      Well … I just happen to live in Baan Tai village! But also complaints in Haadrin become more and more often. If someone wants to write about that you’re welcome to use this platform.

      what will happen when the half moon party is full of people willing to keep buying alcohol…….how many times they will close it at 6 am?

      This is not about people willing to buy alcohol! This is about the terrible all night long noise disturbance! Again … if you want to have party all night long to sell alcohol to all the people then just move the party out of the village. Problem solved! Otherwise once per month until 6 am. This is what the local village people from Baan Tai agreed to. Why is this whole party thing so difficult to understand for you guys? Wake up …

      maybe the yoga scene at sri tanu is more your style?

      Actually I’m not a big fan of those yoga douche bags in srithanu either. I prefer staying in Baan Tai village as I have been living here for more than 15 years and really do like living here 😉

      hope that helps & all the best


      • March 21, 2009 at 5:54 am

        Good on you Becki. You’ve re-energised me! I am back posting! Let’s keep fighting the douche bags … you’ve proven it can work! Now lets focus on Haadrin and trying to clean the shit up there!!

        • March 21, 2009 at 10:00 am

          Well … sorry … but i have to stop you right there! This is not about fighting any douche bags. This is about finding a peaceful solution for everyone involved!

          Shutting down all parties on Koh Phangan was never our mission as we think parties have become a big part of Koh Phangan and as long as these parties do not disturb other people we really do think parties are okay as people deserve to have fun once in a while. We never complaint about parties in general only the ones which are located in or just next to a village where people try to get a decent sleep during the night.

          Our main point of interest was and always will be the shiva moon party family as the noise caused by this all night long party concerns our village most!

          The village people are fine with the new agreements and therefore we will rest our case as long as people stick to the new party regulations. Once the all night long parties go back to normal we will start our campaigns again.

          For us it was never about Half Moon, Black Moon, Hadrin beach or any other party. Our main concern was the shiva moon party and this case seems to be solved for the moment.

          and again … this is not about war … not about fighting … this is about finding a peaceful solution for everyone!

          thanks & all the best

          • March 22, 2009 at 4:44 am

            You are a fucking lier you had a go at all the partys and now your shitting yourself. Well to late mate you number is up… Goodbye shit head..

            • March 23, 2009 at 11:56 am

              Grow up mate! If you dont like this website, go somewhere else, easy.


            • March 23, 2009 at 12:12 pm

              Another thing Anonymous….

              If Becki’s views weren’t backed up by the local BanTai residents, do you really think he would have lasted for 15 years there!!! In my experience of the island, which I’ve seen from the tourist side… and “the other” side… if Becki had annoyed local people or they disagreed with his views and the information on this site, he would be LONG gone, one way or another! One Thai bloke turning up looking angry and couple of gun shots in my opinion isn’t good, but CERTAINLY isn’t people kicking off properly, if they did, as I said, Becki would have been gone a long long time ago. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BECKI – PATIHAN

          • March 26, 2009 at 6:05 am

            This is exactly the point:
            – … as long as they don’t disturb other people …
            They actually do disturb a lot of other people, not only Shivamoon, also Halfmoon, Jungle and Blackmoon!
            That’s why the only solution is a general one, NO more parties in and around Bantai village:
            – NO Shivamoon,
            – NO Halfmoon,
            – NO Jungle,
            – NO Blackmoon.
            This is the only peace for everyone!!!

    • April 1, 2009 at 12:08 pm

      dont think becki will be writing too much anymore. the police decided they had had enough and he is now in hospital on samui. shouldnt have put your pic on your page . oops

  • March 21, 2009 at 6:26 pm

    though it might me fair to move the parties somewhere else,i don’t see it happening unless the wat po and bantai village people start using guns……..

    i’m happy at my shooting free garden in central america…..

    the point is that they are not going to close the parties at 6 am with the dance floor full of costumers……

    it’s not a matter of waking up or understanding,i really don’t care if the parties continues or not,but to be fair i must say that in the same way you deserve to sleep other people deserve to party…..

    yoga in sri tanu seems safer than garden shooting anyway…….

    good luck becki!

  • March 22, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    To all people comparing Hadrin with Bantai village:

    Baan Tai village is one of the oldest village on Koh Phangan and is home to many Thai families who lived there since the beginning. Hadrin on the other hand is a tourist village only with. It had in the beginning only a few fisher man huts. Hadrin developed out of the parties organized over there. Nobody had any problems with the parties that went on in Hadrin, because it was far away from their homes. It prospered well from all tourists going to the full moon party and other for tourists organized fun activities. After a while the price went up in Hadrin and complains against some all night long events raised. Some of the organizers of those events then moved to Baan Tai. In the beginning there where only to parties: Halfmoon and Blackmoon. The Baan Tai people did not have any problems with those because it was only three times a month. But as it always is, some copy-cats thought if those parties could make easy money in Ban Tai than they could do as well. So more and more parties where organized in town and they got louder and louder every year.

    I do not say that the people in Hadrin do not deserve a good night sleep, but honestly people who are staying in Hadrin knew what the place stays for and what they get into it. However, people who live in Baan Tai lived there their entire life or chosen the place because it wasn’t Hadrin.

    I think the question should be: is it right to take away the home of the people living in Baan Tai because more and more parties move to there. And who says that the Parties will not move to Sritanu! As Becki said before, it is not to stop the parties; there are plenty of areas outside the villages where no one gets bothered by night long noises.

    In the end; Baan Tai was not build around the parties, Hadrin was. Nobody can expect anyone lives in Baan Tai to leave there homes for a good night sleep.

    I think the current solution for the party organizer offered by the people of Ban Tai is a fair one. It might be not fair for those organizers who where here before the others and now have to give up one of there party night (Halfmoon). But that is something the party organizers have to handle out between themselves.

    • March 26, 2009 at 6:38 am

      Good comment, but …
      Our family, and many others, are living on our/their land in Bantai for 45 years already. No one of the party organizers was asking us if we agree to their plans terrorizing us with sleepless nights (16 in February alone!!!).
      For us even 4 sleepless nights “only” is far away from being called “fair”, even further from being accepted.
      Actually, who were these “people of Bantai” offering solutions? None of my family members was ever asked or invited to agree or vote on any solutions, and we really suffer all the above mentioned events!!
      We don’t agree or accept to any agreement made without us.
      We’ll continue the fight for a good nights sleep in and around Bantai!

  • March 23, 2009 at 7:06 am

    Hey there!
    Just to let everybody know.Thaipeople are perfectionists in making nois in any means. Not only bum bum music, believe me, I know

  • March 24, 2009 at 5:18 am

    forget all this .. lets get onto the interesting stuff like who was the thai guy who threatened becki and who did the warning shots.. I prefer Clint Eastwood than a soap opera any day.

    • March 24, 2009 at 1:45 pm

      Clint Eastwood would not post anonymously. Hopefully people are just too lazy to register rather than shit scared of “warning shots” themselves. (I personally had to ask Becki to reset my password coz I had forgotten it again.

      I expect the villagers are scared because otherwise why would they have “agreed” to same number of parties but closing at 6am? I know the world weather is changing etc but if I am not mistaken that is still sunrise so that still means disturbed sleep 4 times a month. And I do not believe they will stop at 6am.

      I have been to a few parties in Ban Tai (and even played) but have to agree with Becki. If there is no resistance the greed will destroy the island (and then move on to the next victim island). Ironically it is that very commercial greed that many farang come to Thailand to escape.

      I would go further and add that the average Phangan tourist is not very worldly and is interested only in their own shallow self-gratification and short term issues while of course talking about peace and harmony etc… They remind me of Big Brother contestants except there is no prize on offer in Phangan (except for the party organisers with their snout in the trough).

      Keep the Parties in Haad Rin where they belong.

      • March 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

        then get the mob out of haad rin where they dont belong

        • March 24, 2009 at 9:58 pm

          Lovely part of the island I lived there for 9 months myself, is the flower bar still there??? ironically the owner being police in the same part of town..

        • March 26, 2009 at 2:51 pm

          Getting the “mob” out of Haadrin will be like squeezing blood from a stone… Better just know that “most” of them are all in one place, you can then choose to go there or choose not to… Just being realistic 🙂 Chok Dii ALL 🙂 PATIHAN

      • March 26, 2009 at 6:53 am

        Very wise words!
        Move all the Bantai-partyscene to Haadrin, end of discussion!
        Halfmoon Festival and Jungle Experience rent the land anyway.
        A party centralization is the best solution for everyone: the party-people, the dealers, the police, and us villagers of Bantai.
        Yeah, parties to the Haadrin partymile, we get back our sleep.

        • March 26, 2009 at 2:49 pm

          Please someone correct me if I’m wrong here… The first time I went to KPG was in 1999, they didnt have parties anywhere else than Haadrin did they? I remember a waterfall party (near Chaloklam) but I cant remember if that was much later than 1999… Memories still a little hazy from those days 🙂 So what year roughly did the Baantai Parties start… my point is that these “party off-shoots” havent been around that long in the whole scene of things… so I reckon, BIN the Baantai parties all together, in my experience of them they were pretty crappy anyway and you could tell that the Thai’s running it who were there were DYING to see a bit of trouble they could get involved in to kick the shit out of someone and apart from that just selling their wares as much as possible…. just seemed like a “lets get as many people here as possible, make lots of cash and possibly beat the fuk out of someone party”


          • March 27, 2009 at 2:20 am

            If I am remembering well, they started Half Moon dance & music festival (that’s how they used to call it!) around New Year 2001. Black Moon culture (sic!) arrived a bit earlier at the beach in front of Mac Bay resort. Waterfall parties off Chaloklum were only allowed once a month when they started to develop the hill as a residential area.
            Correct me if I am wrong…

    • October 30, 2009 at 2:03 pm

      It’s easy to prefer Clint Eastwood if there’s no threatening against you. Have you ever been in a conflict with any inhabitant of these really mad part of OUR free world?
      I knew the lady who was murdered and it’s a crying shame that this happened.
      We are Farangs and there’s nothing to do about it! When You’re in Rome……..thinking about it is good for Your health.

  • March 28, 2009 at 5:03 am

    half moon started begining of 2002,near mad bar,behind beach 99 at the woktung area,one year later they move to where is held actually near the road that heads to tan sadet and tong nai pan………

    black moon started before half moon,but at the begining was near mac bay but about 1km south than where is nowdays…..

    chaloklam also started long before the half moon,there was a big festival at begining at new year 01/02……….

    anyway,so as becki is not moving to sri tanu to do yoga,i have one tip for you…..

    around 3 or 4 years ago when the jungle experience party started,after a couple of months they decided to do a jungle experience on the full moon night,which was very nice and i guess very lucrative $$$$$$…….

    it was clear that the organizers wanted to repeat it the next full moon,but “SOMEONE” was not happy about it and they never made the jungle experience again on a full moon night……

    maybe if you can contact that SOMEONE he can tell you hlow did he manage to stop the jungle experience so effectively ,soon ,straight away!:)

    good luck becki!

  • March 30, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    last night Becki got shot at his home.. so the treats got trough… very bad for phangan… i hope becki will recover.,but there is not much information how he is..!
    but its critical..
    mafia island koh phangan…
    crazy….and they want we tourist bring our money to this island-mess..!! very good promotion for phangan

    • March 30, 2009 at 6:23 pm

      sadly it realy happened last night 4am, 3 bullets were fired..
      wauu…were are we?? in Irak? Israel?Afgahnistan?

      • April 2, 2009 at 5:32 pm

        Beckman is just fine after taking a bullet for the community in which he has lived and loved for the past 15 years! I suspect the hospital bills will cause him the most pain!

        Shooting one guy is not going to stop the opposition to the parties in the Baan Tai area, so some common sense needs to prevail here.

        Everyone, including Beckman agrees that they is a demand for the parties and that the parties need to continue. So a solution needs to be found without the use of violence. I’m not so sure that the party organizers are big G W Bush fans, but they are behaving much the way he did for eight years. Get it together guys and party on!

        The party organizers and or the authorities need to find a more remote location for all of the parties. Being remote will not put off people from coming, these young travelers have came a long way to this island and few more miles or kilometres would not deter them from attending a great party.

        Not such a big problem when you look at it logically! So get together and work it out before you loose all of your parties.


    • April 3, 2009 at 10:03 pm

      sounds like farang need to keep their noses out of business that has nothing to do with them…..doubt this will be the end of it until busybodies get off the island!

  • April 10, 2009 at 6:02 am

    This is crazy! Shooting foreigners on Koh Phangon. My wife and two friends were planning to come to the island for the parties and staying at sunset beach in 3 weeks time. We were even going to bring our little boy with us. Now we are cancelling all our travel plans. Sorry, not the place we want to visit.


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