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Famous Dog makes Koh Phangan Island her home!

Koh Phangan Ferry Dog
Koh Phangan Ferry Dog

The world famous Ferry Dog has been recognized as the official ambassador of good will and peace for the Full Moon Party island Koh Phangan.

Normally known for the monthly all night techno, drink, drug & dance party, Paradise Island Koh Phangan is now officially known as the Home of the Ferry Dog.

This pesky pooch is normally found in front of the republican coffee house, also known as A’s Coffee Shop or the Buakao Inn in Thongsala. But Ferry Dog is no lazy doggie. She travels to Donsak on the mainland by Raja Ferry every few days. She doesn’t bother with all that local or farang pricing stuff. Ferry Dog uses her status as the Ambassador of Canine Peace and Love to travel free of charge.

She has friends in Donsak, who she meets with to discuss local issues effecting both Koh Phangan as well as our mainland cousins. Ferry Dog also has plenty of friends here on Koh Pha-Ngan Island. Known to yoga freaks, Danish developers and distinguished Thai customers of A’s Coffee Shop, she enjoys an afternoon nap at the outdoor tables of A’s when in Koh Phangan.

At Donsakโ€™s Raja Ferry port she usually greets arriving guests before they depart to Koh Pha-Ngan. Many of Raja’s attentive staff confide their troubles to Ferry Dog while giving her a pat on the head.

She is rarely seen eating but maintains a very healthy figure and a lovely clean fur. Never eating from the vile corporate kitchens of Seven Eleven or Tesco Lotus, FDACPL prefers the local fresh markets and the camaraderie of the local vendors.

The mystery of Ferry Dog Ambassador of Canine Peace and Love (FDACPL) is why does she travel to Donsak on a regular base?

Does she make the journey to eat some of the special mainland fried chicken or perhaps some exotic seafood only found on the mainland?

Or is it simply that she wishes to escort some of her human friends across the Gulf of Siam to make sure they sail safely?

Some residents of Phangan say that she is the reincarnation of a local ship’s captain whose ship met an unfortunate ending. Now he is roaming the harbors looking for his long lost lover whom he left on the island while his main wife was working on the ship.

If readers can help to unravel the mystery of FDACPL many of Phangan’s residents will be delighted.

Please, anyone who has information on what she is doing in Donsak or why she travels between Koh Phangan Island and the mainland with Raja Ferry please write a few words to explain โ€“ thanks!

16 thoughts on “Famous Dog makes Koh Phangan Island her home!

  • Anonymous

    I Think when he hears that you are going to walking street for a beer he jumps on the ferry to get away..

  • Anonymous

    How refreshing, an interesting yet feel good news story, more of these if you can please, nice 1 phangan news! dan

  • Anonymous

    I would like to make a rather large donation to the ferry dog foundation. can i just send the money to phangan news ? you can invest it in ferry dog’s trust fund.

    we love you ferry dog.

    danish mafia

    • Yep … please send your large donation contributions straight to Koh Phangan Island News Headquarters by clicking on the ‘Support Us’ link on the left. We will take care of the rest – promise ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Do not hesitate … have trust in us ๐Ÿ˜‰

      We accept all major credit cards ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Anonymous

        A very nice story! It has Mike written all over it… This is truly a world famous dog. It obviously has good taste and likes to hang out at the best restaurants on the island… Maybe Becki can introduce this mut to to the Same Same burger joint in Haad Rin?

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys,my name is doug from australia, I’ve been comin to the island for the past 5 years now and have befriended ferry dog,she is a lot more famous than you think,I named her longface of thongsala, she is on facebook also with her own page, just type in longface, she is an awesome dog, I love her to bits,there is something about her that is special, I’ve a feelin you,re ferry story may be right,as I know she is a regular visitor to donsak on the raja,please join her facebook page, I will be visiting her in may for a month, meanwhile if u see her she loves pork from the night market, so don’t be shy to feed her,if you have any stories on her im contactable at

  • SunnyD

    Hi ! I know this sweet and lovely dog!When I saw her picture , I knew it was her! I named her “girlie”.
    I miss her with all my heart and I’ve always wondered what happened to her.
    She befriended me and my husband when we lived on Koh Phangan. We stayed at a resort called Sunset Beach Resort, next to the Blue Marine Resort, the first road to your left, when you get off the ferry in Haadrin. We stayed there for about 2 months and she sort of became our dog for that time , and stayed with us. i used to buy her tinned food and fed her well. But , we had to leave, and of course we could not take her with us. I wish I could have,as she became a true friend. I worried about her when we left and am still worried now. I did not know at the time who she belonged to or where she came from, but after asking around, people said she did not really belong to anyone.

    We left aroung the end of October, went to Thongsala to get the Ferry to go back to Bangkok.
    I do have a photo of her, aswell….If I can figure out how to post it on here know it here.
    Please people , love her and feed her when you see her, she is special.



  • Anonymous


    Could someone please let me know if she is still around/ still alive?? Has she been seen lately??

    Please let me know…

  • You’re looking at “Lilly” our lovely ex-stray. She was left behind by her original owners back in 2006, almost died of distemper when she was six months, and still kept looking for her family even going as far as occasionally boarding the boat they left in (Raja ferry). Her sister was eventually poisoned in Thongsala.

    Lilly had six lovely puppies between the rocks at the Raja pier. It was heartbreaking to see how much she cared for her pups, even though she became a bag of bones in the process. We helped her with her puppies, and when they all eventually found a home, we took Lilly with us to Bantai beach. She now lives a happy life in Chiangmai, away from the dangers of Phangan’s deadly dog poisoning.

    • Hi Jose

      If it’s at all possible, could you pleeeeez send me a photo of her. I am still not 100% sure if it’s the same dog that I posted about in the post above yours, and if it is it would be so nice to know that she now has a loving home with you in Changmai. I think about her often and I would have such peace of mind to know that it is her.
      My new email is
      Thanks so much in advance
      Kind Regards

  • Hi Jose

    Thanks so much, I am so grateful for your reply. I have been thinking of Lilly, as you named her, for so many years. I have always worried about what may have happened to her and if she was OK. I am relieved to know that she has found a home with you now in Changmai.

    Because the picture on the blog was so small I am not 100% sure itโ€™s the same dog, there is still a part of me that wonders if it is not. Just for peace of mind so that I know that it is her for sure, could you possibly send me a photo of her? I would appreciate it so much just to know that it is really her.

    I hope with all my heart that you see this post.
    Here is my NEW email:

    Thanking you in advance and I really hope to hear from you.
    Kindest Regards

  • Hi Des, sorry I took so long to get back to your post.

    After much examination of the photo above, my wife and I have come to the conclusion that this is a 2008 photo of Lilly’s sister, who used to hang around the 7-11 in front of the main pier.

    Unfortunately she was poisoned and died sometime around 2010, by the cowardly local thug who runs a motorcycle rental shop just around the corner (located at This thug also poisoned Nira’s Bakery’s lovely semi-stray dogs sometime later.

    It’s sad, but Lilly’s sister’s life is typical for a street dog in Koh PhaNgan, destined to a cruel death by the countless local thugs. I’m sorry to post these news.

    I’ve sent you photos of Lilly 2006-2013.

  • Avril

    Hello all fans of Koh PhaNgans famous’Ferry Dog’……..I last saw her at Nathon pier on Samui last year. I know her as ‘Bat’ or ‘Bad’ Girl. She and her sibings become know to PhaNgan Animal Care as stray Thong Sala pier pups which were all neutered by PAC in 2005. It was possibly Jose who brought them to our attention, if this is the same Jose who lived near the PAC clinic at the time and was a great supporter of the charity based organisation set up by Dr Shevaun Gallwey on Koh PhaNgan. After three of the ‘Bat/Bad’ girl siblings were recovered from their surgery they were released back to the streets of Thong Sala. I have heard of maybe two of them being poisoned since. Bad/Bad girl however suffered a not so serious leg injury on the streets and so was once again a patient of PAC for a little while longer but was again brought back to Thong Sala on recovery. She stayed around the 711 market area for quite some time, moving ever nearer to the pier area, hence her introduction to the sea faring world I gather. She travelled to Donsak on many occassions, and to Samui also……… it was definately her I met last year. Still looking healthy Im happy to report. She was named ‘Bad’ girl by the Thai head nurse of PAC at the time, as she was a little naughty when living at the clinic. ‘D’ and ‘T’ sound alike by Thai pronounciation…hence the discrepancy between Bad Girl and Bat Girl!

  • Linda C

    Hey guys, Hey Av!

    I know Bad/t girl from Phangan Animal Care also, she did indeed survive the Distemper outbreak in 2006 when very few who contracted it were strong enough to fight it. Her Mum was also an amazing dog, I don’t know if she is still alive Av? I wonder why she takes the ferry, I thought that was a very romantic story of the sailor until I realised he was cheating on his wife!! I think one of the senior crew members has a soft spot for her…..otherwise she wouldn’t be allowed on, right?

  • Lilly, the original Koh PhaNgan ferry dog, has had a truly amazing life.

    And now after a nine-year life-long adventure, unfortunately her kidneys have finally given up on her. She is now living her very last happy days in Chiang Mai, and is expected to finally leave us sometime next week or two.

    Some pics of Lilly here:

    A big thank you to all animal-loving and caring souls here, and specially to PhaNgan Animal Care who have done so much to help her and so many pups in KPG.

    In memory of Dr Pong


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