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Hear Ye Hear Ye – Buakao Inn A’s Advertising Koh Phangan Island

Advertising Koh Phangan
Buakao Inn Advertising

The new menu at A’s coffee shop will have space for advertising (in addition to massive price increases.) Advertisers are entitled to extremely small discounts on food and drinks maybe once per year.

Quarter page advertisements are 1500 baht per year. This is in color with your own artwork on laminated paper. We will make one page(two sides) at the back of the menu and one single side page for the back inside cover.


  • Super Tourist Ripoff Shop
  • Interior Goods Sold At Gigantic Profit
  • Welcome To Our All Inclusive Service “No Refund”
  • Sudden Death Bike Rental Service
  • Travel Anger Minibus Roll N Crash Tour
  • Dysentery Seafood Grillhouse
  • Bedbug Near Beach Bungalow “Watch Each Other From Your Own Balcony”

We plan to print in the first two weeks of July. If interested please send artwork as soon as possible. Prepayment is required! For more details please inquire – thanks!

5 thoughts on “Hear Ye Hear Ye – Buakao Inn A’s Advertising Koh Phangan Island

  • This has Mike written all over it… I know his cynical style and I must admit, I quite enjoy it. I was wondering if I could advertize ganga for sale at Mr Silvers place? For 1500 baht it would be worth the laugh..

    • yes 🙂 of course … this advertisement was done by mike ! just didn’t have the time to open a new account for mike and do the posting in his name 🙂 and i also do like his cynical style – hehehe

      • Personally i wasnt sure wether he was been cynical or just plain realistic!!

    • YES, in fact ganga is indeed for sale at theeee mr. Khun silver. a quarter page ad for one year is 1500 $CAN prepaid (of course) your advertisement will be seen by over one hundred people per day. That is effective advertising for your canadian buck. Sure to increase your (his ) biz!

    • Mr. (Khun) Toad is a well known critic of advertising and multimedia publications. It is an honor to have him as a guest on the infamous website of becksprect.zoo . Is it possible to “ask Mr. (Khun) Toad a question”??????

      Mr. Khun Toad, In 2005, will the full moon parties in Haad Rin Beach be better and more cosmic than the parties of the 2003-2004 very tame era ??? I am holding my breath for your prophetic answer.


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