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In memory of Luke Benjamin Purcell who drowned in Laem Son Lake on Koh Phangan Island

Luke Benjamin Purcell
In memory of Luke Benjamin Purcell

It was an ordinary Friday when I lost you Luke I got up as usual went to work as usual but I have never had an as usual day since Friday 23rd April 04
You came into my life a ten pound baby with a great push that tore my body
But it was nothing compared to the pain now without you

I look at your sisters and I see you
I look at your nephew Jamie and I see you in him
When will the Fridays stop hurting so much
there have now been 15 Fridays since we lost you Luke
a week tomorrow is your birthday 14th August a day I don’t want to see
a day without you here to celebrate reaching 20 years old
The total devastation of not having you anymore is more than I can stand
each Friday it is replayed in my mind

Four Fridays after you went we received the gift of a baby girl
That was a Friday that was somehow a little easier to bear
I asked everyone to be happy for that day, and they were.
Madaline is a beautiful baby and she looks like Jamie who looks like you
She is happy and thriving and she gets so many cuddles all day long
Everyone wants to cuddle her and be touched by her happy little face
Even the lads who are not fond of babies love her too.

Your friends are here for me and your brother and sisters like you knew they would be
your friend Shaun is now trying to be the new Luke but not able to be the way you were how could he
You were unique you were beloved you were Luke my son

fly with the angels visit me for a moment now and then love you forever Luke

13 thoughts on “In memory of Luke Benjamin Purcell who drowned in Laem Son Lake on Koh Phangan Island

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Beck for doing this . I wish you peace and Love and a special ((((hug)))) for Saturday the 14th. I am still very raw but I will be stronger this weeek because of you. You have given Luke the respect he so much deserves.
    Love to all of you on the Island of Paradise
    Lukes Mum and family

    • Anonymous

      i just stumbled across this while looking up about thailand. i lost my mother in an accident only 3 months ago, and reading this really touched me. i just wanted to say how beautifull what you have written is, and in some way acknowledge your loss.

    • Anonymous

      Wherever he gone to he will look after by you love…..

  • Anonymous

    The words that are writen are very nice to a very deserving young man, this I am sure. It goes to show that extra hug or smile goes along way for later we may not get the chance. may god be with you and your family

    • Anonymous

      To Luke, may God be with you, rest in peace. We have one thing in common, we are all nature lovers, we all be with God in the end.

    • Anonymous

      thank you for the kind posts I survived the birthday and I go on as my son would expect of me. I feel less sure about coming to Thailand in April now I may have to rethink that one. Maybe I will wait a bit longer it is so soon I cant really face the Lake yet. I will continue to read the news on the island here in Becks web site, I continue to pray that no more young people are lost to the lake and I send all of you my love and respect Thanks Becks for puting Luke on the front page were he belonged and I hope you had a nice birthday peace and love my friend

      • Anonymous

        to mae
        was thinking about you all on the 15th, the message is beautiful and congratulations on the new addition, madeline, how beautiful
        love you all

        • Anonymous

          I would love to get in touch Adam if you would give your email to JAMES cONNWAY or give it to Becks who owns this siteand he can forward it to me
          Miss you and all the others give our love to big Maddy specially

        • Anonymous

          Adam no word from you as yet you did not leave an email with Becks he told me today you just replied to the statement annonimously
          Anyway if you or anyone who knows you (or Madeline) can I have an eail adress Becks the Web Master has it

          • Anonymous

            still no word from you Adam I thinkog you all often and long to hear from you please leave a message with the Web Master Beck if you ever come here again

    • Anonymous

      Hello Mae
      My son is in Thailand now and I have been surfing the net looking at all the places he is visiting and my heart missed a beat when I read your words for Luke. The old cliche of “words can’t express” how, as a mother, my heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how utterly hard each day is for you. I have said a prayer for you and just hope that somehow your love for Luke will transform itself to your beautiful grandchildren and that you can get happiness and love in your heart once again. Luke will be helping for this to happen I am sure.


      • Anonymous

        Dear Helen
        Thank you so much it really helps me to come in here and read things like this. My Daughter Michelle gave birth to a baby 4 weeks after Luke was lost (Lukes Niece) it really was a very hard day but bitter sweet as she was a baby who was never meant to survive my daughter started losing her at 12 weeks and bleed the whole pregnancy was a bit of a miricle really but she is here and feel like God sent her for me to hold and love while I come to terms with the lose of Luke. I have good days and I have terrible days but I keep on going as Luke would want me too,God Bless you for your lovely message Helen I also leave messages on The Compationate Friend Web Site in Britian if you ever get in there much love and a safe holiday to your child
        Mae xxx

  • Anonymous

    Aunty Mae, Allan, Michelle and Kerry… We are praying for you all here, and there isn’t a day when Luke is not in our hearts and thoughts. Brian has been able to tell us about his time with Luke and has brought many happy stories and thoughts to us about Luke every day. Lukey, we love you so much and we miss you with all our hearts. Rest in peace and your very own paradise honey. God bless you Aunty Mae.


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