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In memory of our Hungarian friend Janosh from Koh Phangan Island

Our Friend Janosh from Koh Phangan

Well … Becki got it reconfirmed from many different reliable island sources the last couple of days. The sad news on Koh Phangan is that another good soul has left this dimension!

Janosh, our good Hungarian friend, who ran the ‘Yuhey Restaurant’ in Thongsala main village, has decided to take a break before moving into new adventures. He recently died of cancer in a hospital in Bangkok.

Becki still can remember the delicious taste of the Hungarian Goulash Janosh did. Also the Koh Phangan ‘Special’ Cake I once got there is truly something to remember. Well … we will miss you 😉 Hope you’re having a good time and see you sooner or later again in this cosmic experience. God bless you 😉

3 thoughts on “In memory of our Hungarian friend Janosh from Koh Phangan Island

  • Lordlongers

    One of the nicest guys on KP, I had the pleasure of drinking with Jarno at Mike’s a few times back in ’02. I was back in ’03 & he saw me walking in the mid-day heat near Haad Yao, stopped & gave me a lift. I was amazed he even remembered me. A very decent cellist, he advised me that the way to improve my reach on a guitar neck was to practise with champagne corks between my fingers. RIP Jarno………

    • Damascus

      Very loved person! Iam sure god gave him something good and that he is still happy ! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      My girlfriend and i were eating often his gulash or his chili, we loved this guy for his heart, i am proud to say that i met someone like JANOSH
      we love you man
      kris and sal


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