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Lebanese manager of The Wanderlust Hostel in Baan Tai charged for marijuana possession

Feb. 13th 2018 local police forces went to inspect The Wanderlust Hostel in Baan Tai village. The Wanderlust Hostel is managed by foreigners offering guesthouse style accommodation to tourists visiting Koh Phangan Island in the south of Thailand.

On inspecting the hostel police officials met Salem Rose, the manager of The Wanderlust Hostel. Mr. Salem was asked to show his work permit but when officials sought to search the premises Mr. Salem declined the search.

Military officials then gained access to the building and found a hostel style beds inside the building without a proper license.

A search of Mr. Salem’s bungalow further revealed dried marijuana sticks and cannabis with a weight of 11 grams and other accessories for drug use.

Mr. Salem claims that the found cannabis is only for self usage. Police officials state that Mr. Salem is a party organizer for the visitors to The Wanderlust Hostel and is distributing the narcotic drugs at the parties held at the hostel.

Mr. Salem is now being charged with the possession and distribution of illegal drugs in category 5 (marijuana) under the narcotics act of Thailand. He’s further facing revocation of the work permit and deportation out of the country.

After complaints from local businesses about illegal hotel business operators military & police officials are currently inspecting 37 sites on Koh Phangan Island.

Thank you to Thairath “จับชาวเลบานอน เปิดโฮสเทลเถื่อนที่พะงัน จัดปาร์ตี้ยาให้ลูกค้า” which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

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