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Two Thai Men Confess to Raping American Tourist on Koh Phangan Island

Police on Friday said two local Thai men on a popular tourist island Koh Phangan confessed to sexually assaulting a foreign tourist.

Pongsathorn Patint, 26, and Rajan Kaewkohlaba, 23, were arrested on Thursday after they assaulted an American tourist while she was resting inside her bungalow on Koh Phangan island, chief of Koh Phangan Police Station Col. Phisit Wisetwong said.

Police said the suspects were workers hired by the resort to install furniture. They allegedly waited for the victim’s boyfriend to leave the bungalow before Pongsathorn entered the room and assaulted her, while Rajan acted as a lookout.

The suspects were charged with colluding in a sexual assault, which they confessed to, the superintendent police said.

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