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Koh Phangan Party Island – Techno Party Zone Madness Report Part 2

Phangan Party Meeting 01
Phangan Party Meeting

Sawadee Khrap & welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News – the one and only uncensored gutter press network keeping you informed about the daily increasing insanity on the island of madness, formerly also know as Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Two nights ago, 25th March 2009, we had another night of peace, love & dance orchestrated by the Black Moon Culture team and the sound level was again really impressive. You could hear the bum bum bum sound throughout the night and as far as Baan Nuea village which is at least 2-3 km away.

But according to my reliable party zone sources the shit is indeed going to hit the fan by next month as the Black Moon Culture team has decided to move the techno party away from their Mac’s Bay Resort and relocate it directly into Baan Tai village to the family related Baan Sabai Party Zone. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

But isn’t that fascinating news? Finally the Mac’s Bay Black Moon Culture team had enough of their own techno party noise, as they want to improve their expensive hotel style resort, and had nothing better to do than moving the Black Moon Culture Techno Party directly into the village of Baan Tai – Respect!

So my best wishes and warmest greetings go the village people of Baan Tai and the famous Baancom headquarters with Patrik & Rachanee who just happen to live 30 meters away from the new & improved Black Moon Culture Party Zone. Enjoy a night of peace, love & dance 😉

But back now to the chronological order of the thrilling events which developed over the last couple of weeks.

17th February 2009 there was an internal meeting at the district office and most of the village chiefs (phu yais) of Baan Tai and also Hadrin beach, plus all the other party organizers were invited to find a solution to this techno party terror problem in Baan Tai village on the resort island of Koh Phangan.

Smartly enough the Jungle Experience Party organizers didn’t show up at all and once the other party organizers were asked about suggestions to improve this situation in some way none of them had any enhancements to offer … zero … nada … nothing!

At this internal meeting it became quite obvious that more and more people, even from party beach Haad Rin, started complaining about the loud and terrible noise caused by all night long parties around the island.

Different opinions were shared at that internal district office meeting and some people suggested shutting down all parties. Others suggested shutting down the parties by 2 am. Some suggested moving the parties out of the villages and others even suggested organizing parties everywhere and all the times as Koh Phangan is indeed our beloved party island 😉

But the last word in those meetings always goes to the chief of district (Nai Amphoe), who is of course in a conflict of interest as no party will ever be allowed without the financial sponsorship of local authorities from Koh Phangan Island.

So the final outcome of that internal district office meeting, with massive support from the party friendly Nai Amphoe, was each party organizer once a month until 6 am.

Starting 19th February 2009 the first parties have been shut down at 2 am, e.g. Jungle Experience, Baan Sabai, etc …

Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho 02
Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho
Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho 03
Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho
Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho 04
Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho

But the main question always remains. How long will these new regulations be enforced? Normally it just lasts a few days and then everything will be back again … business as usual 😉

Beginning of March 2009 we had another night to satisfy your soul with the Half Moon Festival which apparently closed around 8 am. Then just a few days later the evil Shiva Moon Family Party night which had been shut down precisely 6 am. And then, 3 days before world infamous Full Moon Party, another night with a demented Jungle Experience Party which closed at around 9 am.

So the question remains! Why do they actually organize meetings if none of their new regulations are ever going to be enforced?

Luckily someone on the island then received some phone calls and a few letters from some anti corruption organizations from capital city Bangkok asking about the current party situation and improvements on the island of madness.

Information about anonymous phone calls, threats, gun fire, internal meetings, new party regulations and the lack of enforcing those new agreements were quickly exchanged and then just a few days later the (corrupt?) local authorities around the Nai Amphoe must have got their asses kicked again as they were finally calling for a public meeting at Wat Pho temple in Baan Tai village.

On March 19th 2009 a public meeting was then held at the Buddhist temple Wat Pho in Baan Tai village to find a solution to the Techno Party Terror problem. Around 150 local village people attended the meeting looking for a relief.

First person speaking on stage was the party friendly chief of district, locally better known as the Nai Amphoe. He mostly was only mourning aloud about his terrible headache most of the time and furthermore complaining about all those nasty phone calls from some higher authority from the main land Suratthani or capital city Bangkok.

Instead of taking responsibility, as a chief of district is supposed to do anyway, and shutting down all the parties by 2 am according to national Thai law, he strongly advised the people from Baan Tai village to not call any higher authorities from the mainland anymore.

Apparently the Nai Amphoe also didn’t offer any suggestions on how to improve the current situation. He just left all the work to the local people so they could arrange a solution between themselves. Isn’t that just amazing? Unforgettable Thailand?

Then he invited all the people to speak on stage to finally find an arrangement which satisfies all people involved.

Phangan Party Meeting 05
Former Village Chief Moo2 Baan Nok
Phangan Party Meeting 06
(Corrupt?) Chief of District
Phangan Party Meeting 07
Manah Moo 3 Baan Nuea

Next on the stage was a local Thai guy called Gong from Hansa Resort in Baan Tai village who happens to be a close associate with the Half Moon Festival Empire. His speech was quick and dirty and he simply suggested to have parties everywhere and all the time. Koh Phangan is a party island and parties bring lots and lots of money and therefore we should all make parties all day & night long! Awesome 😉

Next in the line was a former village chief from Baan Nok village and he brought the whole story to a point. He announced that the international reputation of Party Island Koh Phangan went seriously bad over the last couple of years. Koh Phangan is only known for its all night long drug fueled techno parties. Tourists only come to the Full Moon Party once a month and shortly after all the tourists are heading to a more quiet holiday destination like Koh Samui, Krabi, Koh Lanta, etc …

Therefore most of the times Koh Phangan Island stays empty only filling up once a month during the Full Moon Party peak season. Most of the tourist money then just goes into the pockets of a few party organizers, while the rest of the people on the island offering restaurants, house rentals and any other touristic service have nothing else to show than empty pockets.

He further said that he personally is not against the parties in general but some change needs to be made to rebuild Koh Phangan’s reputation as a holiday destination so more people could benefit from the tourists, not only all the party organizers.

Then we got another local Thai bloke simply saying enough is enough. Shut down all the parties on Koh Phangan. The all night long techno noise disturbance since many years is no longer bearable for anyone. Shut down the parties – case closed!

Next on stage a few more village chiefs (phu yais) from Baan Tai village Moo 2 & 3. All of them mostly said the same thing. The all night long techno party terror is no longer tolerable for the people living in the village. Village chief Miau from Moo 2 Baan Tai even told that the parties are a bad example for the school kids in Baan Tai village. First of all sleeping during the night is nearly impossible and the next day when the kids go to school they can listen to loud techno music and watching drunken and passed out party tourists while on their way to school.

Techno parties every second night like we had it during the past few months in January and February 2009 is no longer an option. The village chiefs mostly suggested allowing each party organizer only one party per month until 6 am and no more new parties in Baan Tai village.

Then came the evil Shiva Moon Party Family on stage and mostly complained about the different special treatments concerning the closing time of the parties. While the Shiva Moon Party is strictly closed at 6 am other party organizers like Half Moon and Jungle Experience are allowed to open until 8-9 am in the morning. If we have party rules on this island then all party organizers need to stick to those rules – not only the Shiva Moon Party.

Finally the chief of district came back on stage to make a final decision asking the local village people what they want. Do you want party every night? Do you want to shut down all the parties? Do you want twice a month or only once? You just need to tell me and then I will strictly enforce the new regulations.

Local village people then sort of agreed to one party each month for the 4 different party organizers, like Half Moon Festival, Black Moon Culture, Jungle Experience & evil Shiva Moon Party Family.

No more new parties will be allowed and closing hours is 6 am sharp!

Phangan Party Meeting 08
Half Moon Associate Gong
Phangan Party Meeting 09
Miau Village Chief Moo 2 Baan Tai
Phangan Party Meeting 10
Frustrated Thai Local – Shut down all parties!

Then the Half Moon Festival Empire came back on stage begging the local village people to allow their party two times per month. This Half Moon Party petition was immediately denied by the local village people because if they allow the Half Moon Festival then they also have to allow all the other party organizers. The Half Moon Team kept begging and begging but the local village people said no. Even all the other party organizers insisted on a once per month only and if Half Moon receives special treatment … then so do we …

Finally the meeting was closed, new temporary party regulations were created and now local village people can only hope that the new regulations will be strictly enforced in the forthcoming future.

Worth mentioning is the fact that all the party organizers simply seem to hate each other! There was no feeling of a Party Family and the only thing someone was able to sense was money, power, greed and jealousy.

In my personal view the Party Meeting at Wat Pho temple was sort of a sudden and unexpected meeting as most people simply didn’t know about and therefore were unable to attend and express their opinion. Most people were also simply afraid to speak up and tell what they really think. But this is another Thai Culture dilemma worth discussing at a later point.

So finally it remains to be seen that these new temporary party regulations will be strictly enforced by (corrupt?) local Koh Phangan authorities. Half Moon Festival was shut down at 2 am on 18th March 2009 as they already had done a party earlier this month on the 4th.

Black Moon Culture Party a few days ago, 25th March 2009, played music until 7 am so one can only figure that all these new & improved party regulations will be for nothing in a couple of weeks.

6 am sharp means 6 and not 7 am … but as long as people don’t complain nothing is ever going to change. The power lies within the people … the people need to fight for their right otherwise the people will get the government they deserve … sadly ;-(

So … in my opinion no big improvements after all and in a few weeks from now all will be back to normal – business as usual 😉

Well … forgot to inform about the Shiva Moon Family Party improvement. The evil Shiva Moon Family created a new party place. Instead of partying on top of the hill they just moved their party place down in the valley by 100 meters and arranged the speakers so that they point into the opposite direction. All the techno party noise now goes towards Baan Tai village instead of Baan Nuea village and the noise level in our village has been finally reduced to a minimum. You can still hear this distinctive bum bum bum in the background but sleeping at home seems to be possible now. But once the wind blows from a different direction the noise level will be up to terrible again.

Sadly nobody in the meeting took the right approach to find a real solution about the techno party terror problem. What’s that you might ask?

Simply move all the parties out of any residential area! Problem solved!

Please check out the picture gallery -> Techno Party Meeting Wat Pho Temple Baan Tai

54 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Party Island – Techno Party Zone Madness Report Part 2

  • Anonymous

    another sugestion………

    loud music?

    too much bum bum?

    can’t sleep?

    if many of you are in the same situation instead of stay turning around in your beds,stand up,go to the street,burn some wheels tires,some wood,stand in the middle of the road and don’t allow the people going to the party to arrive to there destination:)

    other suggestion,collect some money,let’s say every ban tai villager donates 200 baht,you rent the neighbouring house to one of the party organizers and you put some speakers,you program the cd player on repeat all/shuffle mode,maximun volume and you let it play endlessly 24 hours a day……..

    hope this helps becki!

    • hey guys … this is not about war neither fight! this is about understanding and finding a peaceful solution! it’s not about doing the same shitty stuff as some party organizers … this campaign is mainly about exposing what is going on and put public pressure on this issue so improvements can be achieved finding a better solution which benefits all people involved.

      hope that helps 😉


  • Anonymous

    Your idea is very bad anonymous,why should the burn stuff in the streett and stop people going to party?
    there is no solution beacause it`s to many corrupt chefs in the soup,and it will be like this as long as the people let i happend.
    Just go to the ban sabai party and pull the electricity out,and confront them eye to eye not with a big meeting…

    • Anonymous

      well people… some strong guy with a baseball-stick, and a gun made the treats to Becki happen… he got beaten, and SHOT – 3 bullets hit him….!!
      becki i hope your strong and not die..!! please…
      i hope JUSTICE will emprove,and they chatch them fast…

      • Anonymous

        Is this thread true or just some rubbish being posted? Becki?

        • Anonymous

          this is not rubbisch my friend its trugh..
          3 bullets at 4 am last night..
          hes in bkk-hospital,and he is getting operatet now…but i dont know if he wil be okay…?? real crazy shit…
          tomarow it will be in all wesern news..!!
          not realy good for phangan.. after murdering Astrid (german girl) now Beckmann….?!! phangan will be again negative in the world-press… and maybe its the end of allnight-long partys..SOON..!!
          the crimes and drugflow around the partys are OVERBORDING…! >>>just look to GOA<<< no partys at all>>> for same reason and it works…!!!!
          Becki hope you make it…<<<>>>
          i pray they chatch them..
          SHIT HAPPENS., but thats TOOOMUUCHH

          • Anonymous

            its true.. there will be news soon about it.

            • Anonymous

              My thoughts and prayers are with you Becki please pull through!

              • Anonymous

                Sad news…..

                but what I not understand is why this Beckman guy used these strong negative word about the partys…..??!!
                What he thinks about the partys is his own thing…..When you running a page like this its IMPORTANT not to take any side in the conflict….

                And he has been in kohphangan so many years now so he should have known that these people around the partys is not to play games with and tallk negative thing about….it’s almost that i think someone else wrote these negative party news to get this Becki guy in trouble….

                So I hope the coming news will be more in this way or else i think these angry guys with guns will have one more target….

                Hope he will make it!!

                • Anonymous

                  It will be so much shittalk now in the press……I can already see the headlines like “kohphangan dangerous” and sooo on….. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Hi Becki,
        you survived almost 20 years on the island of madness, so what about 3 little bullets?!?
        Get well, then you’ll be stronger as ever before.
        Sorry and Good Luck !!!
        Can’t wait for Your next report.

      • Anonymous

        hey guys, do we have any results from the police already?
        did they catch these bastards?
        does that incident have any influence on the parties, are they finally going to be closed down now, or is this just another small accident, phangan-style?
        wish that whole party-shit would be turned down immediately.
        making that party dispute a B L O O D Y matter is definitely too much, hope the district chief will finally show responsibility and shut the remaining parties all down!!!

  • Islander

    The criminal party organisers are striking back. But this time they going to far.
    This are the real face of “my compatriots”. It’s a shame for Thai people what they did to you Becki. I’m sorry that this happened to you.

    To the party organisers:
    What you did is so stupid and shows again that you all don’t have brains! I will give you one clue:
    You should kill all Thai people in Ban Nua, Bantai and Ban Nok, because WE all want you to stop your shit noise. WE all go to that meeting at Wat Pho and we all say that you have to stop. WE are THAI PEOPLE! Maybe you better kill us all and than you can do what ever you want.

    • Anonymous

      The reputation of Koh Phangan is now at the lowest point. The island could be so cool. It is already enough that this cracked-ups bring all people on the streets at risk after they leave the parties.

      Now it is clear what the party Mafia want. Money into their own pockets and it doesn’t matter how (with noise, drugs and corruption) and the rest can watch where they remain.

      A party zone in Hadrin and that’s it! But do not pollute the whole island with you shit noise!

  • Anonymous

    I have to say, that it is not OUR BUSINESS to fight for something in a country what is not ours!

    The Thai people have to find their solutions and they will.

    This forum is not an international newspaper with press status. It is an subjective forum formed by personal opinions.

    Music is the best thing the humans ever made!

    I find loud music everywhere – not just on the parties.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear what happened to Becki.

      So they have finally shot Beckman. Now he’s got a reason to make this a BIG story.

      Let’s hope he makes this big news both with the top police and government officials in bangkok and newspapers.

      It may take a shooting of a farang to make authorites realise of dangerous this island is and that it needs cleaning up.

      Many Thai’s on this island are carrying guns on their persons. Its Thai macho shit – little penis’s need a big gun to proove they are a man!! Just 2 days ago I saw a construction worker pull out a handgun from the back of his pants.

      Dont back down Beckman – stand strong and kick their cowardly asses!

      You have taken that bullet for many people on the island with your campaign to get these parties under control.


      • Anonymous

        To the attackers – be sure, me and my friends, that used to visit the island at least every 2nd year, will not come here anymore. In addition we hve decided to send a note to the 4 biggest newspaper here in Zurich and to the Embassy of Thailand in Zurich as well.

        May the word spread and blead your out your Fuckers business – good luck you greedy bastards – no tourists, no parties no money anymore for you:)

        • Anonymous

          that’s nice for the many people on the island who work hard and have an honest business, think man if your able to

          • Anonymous

            I thought twice, man. I don’t want to expose my 3 kids to such a risk anymore – neither want our friends with their kids…
            Maybe it also puts enough pressure on politics/authorities to not longer close their eyes, when the number of visitors go down to a point where they can’t ignore it anymore – this will help (longterm only, of course) the many wonderful people on that island more then just playing the “I havent’t seen and heard anything”-bullshit game.


            • Anonymous

              Think three times then. It doesn’t matter where you go in Thailand – you will always meet Thais. It’s sad but their way of dealing with problems goes pretty much 2 ways – ignore the problem if you can, or get rid of it if you can’t (kill it, if necessary). Thais have a very low value for human life, which some might argue is due to them thinking they will have a new life after this one. However, this is the Thai way, and by coming to Thailand you have to accept it, else don’t come at all. It is totally pointless harming an island community because of some who cause problems in one area of the island.

              Btw, the people who shot Becki think that he is the cause of the problem, figure that. They think it is the right thing to do to get rid of him, as he causing them problems and endangering their business, and he did not listen to the threats either. They tried to ignore him, until they couldn’t anymore.

              Don’t get me wrong, I admire Becki for his efforts to help his community in which he belong, and in my opinion he has all the right to, too. However, if you want to deal with this problem there is 2 ways you can do it: ignore it or get rid of it…

    • Anonymous

      to the idiot that said: “I have to say, that it is not OUR BUSINESS … ”

      1. it is our business … because we expats living here too
      2. People on this island rarely find solutions … they just tolerate and looking for compromises.
      3. this page has international newspaper press status … that’s why other news sources referring to it as ‘KPN’
      4. Loud bad music is the the most annoying thing people ever made especially if you want to sleep, in Guantanamo they used it as torture.

      And I’m not another anonymous comment writer like you … my name is Simon … I just came back visiting Becki in Samui … his condition is better today.

      I hope all the stupid commercial parties will come to an end now. … Do parties for fun … not for money

      ( /

      • Anonymous

        “this page has international newspaper press status”
        read the note under every article;
        Disclaimer: ALL characters and events in this website — even those based on REAL people — are entirely fictional! ANY similarity to actual persons and events is UNINTENTIONAL! This Website might also contain coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone!

        get a life.

  • Anonymous

    this sort of shite is the reason i left phangan 6 years ago and have not been back to it since, i saw it changing then and it has got real bad, i blame the isrealis and the local thais who have had enough!! it will never get sorted as there is too much corruption on the island. sad really as its a great island, but it has now become full of pricks who have ruined it for everyone else! So cheers!!

    • Anonymous

      terrible news about the shooting, Phangan news writes from the heart and has the support from most thai people. The corruption has become so bad here since this parties in ban tai got into full swing a couple of years ago. Lose the ban tai parties. Quite simply, What is the up side of the ban tai parties?????? Unfortunately the party organisers are from affluent families and they will benefit from the parties closure as they are no doubt rich in real estate. land prices would double here if the parties finished once and for all. Let the idiots in had rin have there day and half. Even better,close the death road or charge them 100 baht to leave.

      • Anonymous

        they should never started with all this britneyspears shit music in hadrin and keept the good partys there instead !!!….now hadrin is like some mallorca place and it sucks….

        The best would be to have the partys in random location on the island like before so the localthaipeople only need to be disturebd sometimes instead of having them in same spot all the time…

        And you people that want to stop the partys completly must really found the wrong island to spend your peaceful time in !!….but ofcourse i can understand the thaipeople in baantai that living close to some party location….

        How is beckman????? any news ?
        Have the police got somewhere in there investigation or did they only got more money in there “pockets” maybe???

  • Anonymous

    … to everyone…
    if I’m a guy who knows 0 & I(bits & bytes) —> don’t touch a running system!

    if I’m a guy who is living in Thailand on Koh Phan for more than 10 years —> don’t touch a running system!

    if I want to make a sacrefice —> don’t behave like Becki!

    … keep always your respect(everywhere & to everyone) and be polite!

    — because everyone is a guest of the King IX!

    and never touch!

    Becki never dies!

  • Anonymous

    now we have already the 1st of april and ….
    no news in the papers or virtuell area!

    …. what is comming up!

    rumors: police from Bangkok & Germany are present!

    … let’s party….

  • Anonymous

    hello from germoney.
    i’ve found something in “The Nation”-newspaper-online.
    that will bring some light into the case.

    German shot at for ‘opposing all-night raves’
    By Phoowadon Duangmee
    Published on April 1, 2009

    Attackers must be local party planners, says 39-year-old victim

    Koh Phangan, once made famous by its fullmoon parties, is becoming an uninviting, if not lawless, island after a German expat was woken up in the middle of the night and shot in the hip.

    Flederer Ralf, 39, told The Nation that he had to run for his life on Sunday night when two men attacked him while he was in bed.

    “Two masked men, about 20 years of age, entered my house at around 2am on Sunday night,” said Ralf, who runs under the pseudonym Beckmann. “They woke me up and charged at me. I grabbed a baseball bat to defend myself. Then all of a sudden, one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire.”

    Ralf was hit three times in the hip before being able to escape. He is being treated at Bangkok Hospital in Samui.

    The expat, who has been living in Koh Phangan for 17 years now, believes he was attacked by local partyorganisers upset about his complaints over the latenight partying.

    Koh Phangan’s famous fullmoon parties have been drawing thousands of young travellers, turning the small, peaceful island into a noisy place.

    The sheer variety of moonthemed shindigs on Phangan is amazing, each one touted by loud psychedelic flyers posted all over the island. There’s the Half Moon, the Black Moon and the Shiva Moon parties among others, and each is a bacchanal of allnight techno music and halfnaked foreigners unabashedly indulging in drugs and alcohol.

    The local residents, led by Raft, kept filing complaints with the local police, who were far too slack in taking action. Then Ralf and other residents filed a complaint with a government anticorruption bureau in Bangkok, which is currently checking to see why local authorities have been allowing this nonstop partying.

    “Once the Bureau started investigating, I started getting threats,” the victim said. “Ten days before I was shot, a stranger showed up at my front yard in the middle of the night and shot at the coconuts.”

    According to Ralf, there are at least 16 parties a month around the tiny island, and many if not all of them start at dusk and carry on until the next afternoon. Also, more often than not, these moonthemed parties are rife with crime and drugs.

    There have been several cases of foreigners being killed or hurt at these parties. Danny Hall, a backpacker, has been missing since last February, while tourist Astrid alAssad Schachmer was found dead shirtless near the party scene in Thongsala village.

    • Anonymous

      well the killing of astrid have nothing to do with the partys…!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Really Glad your OK Becki 🙂 Get well soon


      • Anonymous

        I heard that Beckmann is okay but that he is really pissed off with what happened so I guess we will be hearing more of this in worldwide media as becki is a man who will fight for justice.
        Good to hear you are okay Becki

        • Anonymous

          interpol.special thai drugforce,and DEA are now investigating on the phangans party crimes and drug problems..!!! (first hand information from bkk) !
          it looks like they want to realy change something now..!!! Its time..!
          tourism in thailand is the biggest income nationwide,so its clear when falangs get raped murdered or robbed, and then it spreads in the international news,that the goverment must take action..!
          Indica-Sativa smockers, must be carefull now..!!! 😉

          • Anonymous

            hey becki,
            wieso hast du nicht selber eine knarre organisiert,nachdem schon drohungen und schuesse gefallen sind?? oder hast du vergessen das wir in asien sind>?
            schoener depp..!!
            in zukunft wuerde ich mir eine UZI orgaisieren! wenn du auf der insel bleiben willst!?
            wenn in thailand jemand nachts in dein haus einbricht,und du ihn abknallst! passiert dir gar nichts!! altes gesetz in th!!
            also besorg dir so ein ding!! for your own safety……;)

            • Anonymous

              Sachmal hat dir einer ins Gehirn geschissen? Auf welchem Planeten lebst Du bitte. Wenn du Becki auch nur ein bischen kennen wuerdest, bzw die mal die Zeit nimmst seine Beitraege zu lesen, dann wuestest Du, dass er gegen Gewalt ist. Seine Waffe ist das Wort…

          • Anonymous

            Hi Becki, i feel i have to comment as this is now affecting all of us here. This entire “issue” is just another unwanted negative discussion about Phangan that damages our reputation and economy.
            It prevents the island from developing into the type of place the “Ban-The-Party-Party” want it to be, by feeding false rumours and half-truths that only hold us back.
            There is not enough balanced reporting and there are even “jokes” about terrorist danger levels on the island.
            Please stop insulting the place and people that have welcomed you with open arms for so long. To be honest most of the rants on this site are like the moans from a blithering ex-girlfriend with a vendetta.. grow up, report on real matters objectively or leave the serious and ruinous matters alone.
            Your site is an icon for this island and you should be an ambassador for the place (you supposedly love) and not an intellectual terrorist; attacking it at every available opportunity, or making up “jokes” and “horror stories” at the expense of Phangan.
            I have been a resident here for over a decade and have been discussing the shooting with numerous Thai and farang friends, as every one is. Of course we are concerned for your health and are sorry you got shot. However the general sentiment is that is time you took heed and updated your site and the way you report news.
            Please consider that a great deal of Thai and Farangs who live here rely on Phangan’s reputation coming out of the dark-ages if we are to have any control over the island’s development and economy; so please either make your site into a real news site or get rid of it all togehter.

            leave the

  • Anonymous

    This message is directed at the Mac Bay thugs and their “friends”. We know who you are, and we know you read these comments.

    The shooting of the German falang has attracted unwanted attention to what has been a very profitable business on the island. Your stupid and reckless actions may result in the loss of considerable profits for some powerful locals, and some of them (notably around Haad Rin) are now well and truly pissed off with all you little monkeys.

    There won’t be any “coconut target practice” warnings for you. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but sooner rather than later expect some seriously bad karma heading your way.

    Don’t bother taking a holiday in the mainland, unless you want the Surat boys to finish the job there instead.

    • Anonymous

      More violence will NOT make anything better!

    • Anonymous

      Peaceful is better, does anyone anywhere have any idea how to get this story to the thai monarchies secretary, army general or anyone with the slightest connection to a monarcy. everyone would know the outcome then.

    • Anonymous

      Interested to know why you think ‘the mac bay thugs’ are responsible as surely black moon hasnt really lost out as they only had 1 party a month would have thought the people who were running several parties a month would be more aggreived!

  • Anonymous

    What most people here forget is that is not about shutting down all parties on this Island. Becki started this campaign with a simple solution to satisfy everyone’s needs. Just move the parties away from the homes of the people and there will be no more fighting about this issue. Since the organizers of those parties make lots of money, they could move there parties to another place where they would not have any clash with people living near by. This would show that it is possible to make everybody happy and that this Island is a place where people can find peaceful solutions. This would lift up the reputation of Koh Phangan and would show the rest of the world that those parties are really to satisfy the soul and not to upset your neighbors.

    • Anonymous

      Keep on dreaming!
      There just isn’t any place on the island far enough from any people.

      Except Haadrin, this has always been the party beach, and i hope it will remain the party beach. So if this island (officials from the administration, police and politics, who all enjoy a good nights sleep far away from the parties) can’t live without this shit move it over there, out of Bantai. Give us back the peace that we had before the parties took it from us.

  • Anonymous

    I saw it reported in the Nation newspapers. But has it ben reported anywhere else – news, bbc, german or any other world newspapers? Or is it going to die a quick death and be forgotten about? Anyone out there know???

    • Anonymous

      Travelled to Phangan 2 times never going back…These money making fuckers should learn what respect is…Does not really matter if you’re Thai or not just common sense….I the end I hope everybody stops travelling to Phangan then 90% of the people on the Island can go back to the rubber or rice business…….

      PS: Becki I hope you get well soon!!!

      • Beckman is the voice of the villagers of Ban Tai, yes he is falang and therefore understands the concept of peaceful protest in this wonderful democracy, something which the Ban Tai locals may not.
        He probably got shot for his reports. What is happening now?are the police investigating or collecting at the half moon?yes the half moon is on tonight, so that will be collecting.
        So the conclusion is Ko phangan island people are a lawless bunch. What can this possibly say about the thai government, obviously they know as someone at one of the embassies must have been bothered to at least make a phone call or a fax.Or were they bothered.Do they read this??? Well do something about this. Not just the german embassy, all of you.Beckman is a peaceful guy not a dealer, a pimp or paedophile. Attempted murder is news anywhere. Embassies have the decency for us to know you care, write a note here and tell us you care about us, tell us you care about Beckman. I’ll never forget this happened, never.

        • Anonymous

          Is there going to be a police announcement about this? Is there anyway of finding out how the investigation is or is not coming along. Are the phangan police in charge of this? if so who officially owns the movie rights?

          • Anonymous

            This brings a whole new meaning to “DON’T SHOOT THE MESSNEGER” Beckman will be fine after taking a bullet for the community in which he has lived and loved for the past 17 years! I suspect the hospital bills will cause him the most pain! These actions will only strengthen the opposition to the parties. Beckman is now a martyr, shooting him again will make him a legend.

            Shooting one guy is not going to stop the opposition to the parties in the Baan Tai area. Common sense needs to prevail. Shooting people will eventually be the death of all the parties.

            Everyone, including Beckman agrees that they is a demand for the parties and a need for them on Koh Phangan and the parties need to continue. A solution needs to be found without the use of violence. Get it together guys and party on!

            The party organizers and or the authorities need to find a more remote location for all of the parties. Being remote will not put off people from coming, these young travelers have came a long way to this island and few more miles or kilometres would not deter them from attending a great party.


        • Anonymous

          he may not be a pimp, dealer or paedo but he is gay isn’t he.

      • Anonymous

        rubber and rice on the island sure you’ve been there

    • Anonymous

      Yes, come on everyone contact a newspaper, contact a voice anyone. If you love phangan help Becki and his fellow villagers to get the parties ‘moved’. Can Becki ever come back, views on that?
      are there phangannews t-shirts. Anyone got the balls to wear it?

      • Anonymous

        Can he come back? He’s got big gonads anyway if he comes back after this they must be HUGE! Would reccomend buying a gun though!(just in case)

      • Anonymous

        Such small-mindedness…
        what about the people whose lives are based around the parties? Or don’t you worry about them as they are only natives after all?
        All this negative “noise” is only going to make the island less income in times that are already hard.

        Becki’s shooting is a terrible thing; but let’s not ruin both a great party scene and around 300 peoples livelihoods because of his reporting method.

        Imagine if all this hulla-ballooo bought about 2pm closing at the Full Moon Party… and i don’t think the people in Had Rin will be blaming the weekly party organisers for their loss in income!

        Please think about the consequences before you rubbish the entire island; this shooting is an isloated incident and should be treated as such – instead of dragging Phangan through the dirt… again!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          u seem to not get it at all, Beckis is NOT trying to stop the parties. He’s only one voice of 99% of the THAI villagers who are fed up with the parties taking place ALL NIGHT right next to them. This has nothing to do with Had Riin and the Full Moon Party, these are “new” parties by some assholes who give a fuck about anyone and have then in the middle of a residential area. The goal of the is also not to have them STOP the parties forever, the goal is to have them make the parties ELSEWHERE or STOP having them in the residential area.

  • Anonymous

    next one will be in your head.


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