Koh Phangan’s best Som Tum Thai Food Restaurant

Thai Food Koh Phangan Island

A small Thai food restaurant tucked away in the heart of Baan Tai village produces the best Som Tum on Koh Pha-Ngan Paradise Island.

Careful to stipulate that you want your dish ‘mai paet’ if you do not like spicy food. Located approximately 500 meters from the 7-11, going towards Tong Sala, the small restaurant has a very warm homely feeling. Probably due to the fact, that the restaurant is in there living room.

It just adds to the flavor of the food and it is refreshing to not be in the ‘high society’ class of restaurants many restaurants strive for. The price is also quite evidently reflected in the modest surroundings.

‘Som Tum’ is a traditional Thai dish made from papaya, tomatoes, sugar, chilies, salad shrimp, peanuts, oil, green beans and other delicious ingredients only the master chef is aware of. The dish is served with a glass of ice water, cut green beans, cucumber and sticky rice.

Look for the sign ‘Thai Food’ if you are in Baan Tai and you will always be greeted with a quite amazing warm smile by the chef. She is a magician with food.

Thai Food Koh Phangan Island
Thai Food Koh Phangan Island
Thai Food Koh Phangan Island

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