Koh Phangan Party Zone Shooting and the story of a police report – Part Two!

Koh Phangan Police Report 05

Koh Phangan Police Report

Sawadee Khrap & welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News and our second part of Koh Phangan shooting and the story of filing a police report.

The first part of our small series can be found here -> Koh Phangan Shooting and the story of a police report – Part One!

After my recent visit to the totally non-corrupt Koh Phangan police station and my final call for assistance to the German Embassy in Bangkok I still had the impression that things were going into a good direction.

The German Embassy told me that they would initiate an official course of action and apply for a copy of the police report which would be sent to me in the next couple of days. All this sounded very promising to me and got me thinking that official & public pressure by other institutions regarding the gunshot attack would be beneficial for the ongoing investigation.

But how naive and blue eyed was my thinking actually? So I waited a couple of days and to my surprise (?) nothing happened at all … again 😉

So I phoned the German Embassy one more time and had a long chat with the consul there who then told me that the Phangan police cops finally decided to deny the handing out of the copy of the police report! According to the so called Thai law it is strictly against the Thai law to hand out any copies of any police reports in an ongoing investigation. Who would have guessed that 😉

This is actually even more fascinating as the official investigation of my gun shooting case hasn’t actually started yet! The investigation can only take its course of action once I finally sign the police report. By signing the police report my case becomes official! No signature – No case! It’s as easy as that 😉

So are the local Phangan cops playing nasty tricks on me? It certainly looks like 😉

Meanwhile I got introduced to yet another person being more than familiar with legal issues in the Kingdom of Thailand. Her name is Liz Luxen and she’s an official interpreter when it comes to police reports & court cases. She offers translation service, court hearings, lawyer consultations, even escorts you to the police station and helps with immigration issues, private investigations … the whole nine yards! Funny enough she even provides funeral services for Koh Samui, Koh Phangan & Koh Tao. Is that just another coincident? Another message whispered by the universe?

Becki even managed to meet Liz Luxen in person at her headquarter in Lamai beach on Koh Samui Island one day afternoon. And to be honest I didn’t like her that much as I received some really strange vibes from her but after all it’s not about her personality but rather more about the valuable information she could provide.

At our meeting she first opened with a very simply yet eye opening question.

Koh Phangan Police Report 06

Koh Phangan Police Station

Koh Phangan Police Report 03

Original Koh Phangan Bullets!

Koh Phangan Police Report 07

Koh Phangan Police Station

“Do you think that the chief of police or district were sent to Koh Phangan by simple accident?”

Interesting question indeed! Following that she then started providing me with some more insights about the corrupt and mafia like structures of the Royal Thai Police and also the administrative apparatus in the Kingdom of Thailand. According to her long lasting experience within the legal system in Thailand she then furthermore explained that nothing happens by accident at all.

You have to think of a network of buddies and best friends who all had met at one point somewhere … in the police academy for example. So all those nice chiefs of police or so called Nai Amphoes all know each other one way or the other or they just know people who know the right people. Just like a spider web of best friends all serving the same purpose of becoming extremely rich in a very short time!

Then every district or Amphoe in Thailand has a price tag attached to it. Meaning the network knows exactly how much money is possible to earn at each specific location like Koh Samui, Phuket or Pattaya. Koh Phangan for example is famous for its all night long techno parties with massive amounts of drug consuming tourists. The usage of mind altering substances is of course illegal in the Kingdom of Thailand. So are all night long techno rave parties which have to be shut down by 1 a.m. according to Thai law …

But who is actually interested in enforcing any law in the Kingdom of Thailand as easy money just waits for you around the next corner? And also remember that nothing happens by chance! Those people invested quite some money to be finally relocated to their dream destination. Now it’s time for the investment to show some financial returns before it’s time to apply for relocation into a new territory!

And voila … a nice and consistent system has been established! Those organizations who are supposed to enforce the law to protect the people actually take the law in their own hands and welcome everyone who wants to bend the law a bit for their own enrichment as long as you show some form of sponsorship to your protecting patronage in the right positions.

Even if you start complaining about certain issues at some higher positions there’s always someone there who knows someone who knows someone … and so on …

So what are my chances of justice in such a corrupt system?

Well … you first have to sign the police report so your case finally becomes official. No signed report – no official case! Before you sign any report you at least need someone you can trust who will translate the police report for you. But be careful as Koh Phangan police station is famous for its police reports with false information written in it. Make sure you get a proper translation because once you sign the police report there’s no way back later!

Liz Luxen can act as an official interpreter for Koh Phangan and the rough costs would be around 5000 THB for this service.

Once you managed to sign a police report with exactly the right information in it the crime case then becomes official and from that moment on belongs to the Koh Phangan police station only. No other police station is allowed to interfere with the ongoing investigation! No Tourist Police from Koh Samui! No police task force from Bangkok! No nothing!

This investigation can of course take some time and please don’t expect to get notified about any updates regarding your investigations. I’m also not sure if you personally have the right to ask about any updates but here your trustful lawyer comes into play. Which of course will cost you money again and lots of time as the bureaucracy in the Kingdom of Thailand is a slow working process.

Koh Phangan Police Report 08

Tourist Police Koh Samui

Koh Phangan Police Report 10

The Land of the Smile ;-)

Koh Phangan Police Report 09

Becki & Tourist Police Cops

So you get your lawyer … spend some more money and the lawyer will ask from time to time about the results of the investigation. Eventually at one point the Koh Phangan police will finish their investigations and proudly tell you that no suspects could been found! No evidence could be gathered … no nothing … and that there is also no more public interest in that case and therefore the investigations will be closed 😉

Awesome … at this point you then have the legal right to file a complaint about the Koh Phangan Police investigations at some higher authorities and encourage them to dig a bit further into your case. But you’re only allowed to do so once the Koh Phangan police station has finally finished their awesome detective work.

But please keep in mind that you’re fighting against a very corrupt network of best friends and buddies who only want to protect their very own interests and actually couldn’t give less shit about any justice who just threatens their daily income!

Even the German Embassy confirmed those facts and told me that they have no legal right to interfere with any police investigation in the Kingdom of Thailand.

So … what should I do then?

Easy version is to best just leave the country asap! Forget about anything that happened and just be grateful that you’re still alive 😉

Advanced version is to get a lawyer and take the appropriate steps according to the legal system in Thailand but don’t expect anything to happen at all! Just expect to spend quite an amount of money and also time with literally no outcome at the very end!

According to the German Embassy there have been many cases they know about but in the end nothing has been accomplished. Welcome to amazing Thailand!

So … here I was … finally realizing that justice does indeed not exist in the land of the smile 😉

To be continued …

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54 Responses to Koh Phangan Party Zone Shooting and the story of a police report – Part Two!

  1. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      so…..what should i do then ? either way looks like you should get the hell outa there. i can see the 3rd chapter of your story reading RIP beckman…. you are digging yourself a big hole ralph

      • Anonymous says:

        nice just watched it

        • Anonymous says:

          Good one Beckman… You provoked a good response from the first poster :))

          I’m not really at all that shocked by the police corruption. If you had a load of money you would be able to pay the police to find the guys responsible, it’s that simple. I think it’s good you’re posting your experiences too. I know your back home at this time and have little to worry about and that’s good also.

          The Pattaya Daily News had a story a couple of weeks ago about how they are essentially censored by the Thai authorities. However, the can quote foreign news papers, because Thailand can’t censor them. Internet sites such as the http://kohphangannews.org are really the only source of information. I hoping you can put together a final chapter on this on going saga. Leave this site up and running Becki at least you can still have some fun with it and get some funny reactions.

          Take care Glyn

        • Anonymous says:

          If you liked that one you should try this one.


          P.S. Beckman I still think you are a complete jerk off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whatl has this got to do with Phangan?
        David Icke is a total prick!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well Beckman, reading your story really made me laugh!! What did you expect to turn out on this story? You’d been living in Thailand for such a long time, so you should have actually known that if you put your nose in and against money buisness in amazing Thailand you get shot sooner or later. As you already said: No police report, no case!!!
    You had the chance to take those 2 young boys out at this night and get all the information out of them. Come on, 2 young boys, almost half size than you!!! I mean, these guys who sent them, are not big guys, otherwise they wouldn’t have sent to young kids. Did that ever cross your mind???
    But if it makes you happy and feeling good, just keep up your little war! But me personally, ……I think it’s pointless!!!

    On the other side, I think it’s good that at least some people are trying!!

    Find your peace, lean back and be happy that you’re still alive, up and running!!!

    All the best

    a friend

    • Becki says:

      hello my dear friend 😉

      that was just so funny to read my dear friend without a name … haha haaaa …

      take out the kids with the gun … half my size … and interrogate them to get all the information I need … haha … so funny 😉 at least someone knows how to handle things properly in Thailand … awesome 😉

      I know who did this! and my articles here are not for my personal pleasure or little war like you said. it’s only about telling my story to inform others so they have been warned in case something similar happens to them.

      but thanks again for your friendly words and if you can provide me with more real Thailand insider tips I would really appreciate that – thanks 😉


      p.s. you’re so funny dude 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Nice one,….ha ha :-)… “just so funny to read your reply too” :-) * take out the kids with the gun *….at that night you didn’t know that they were armed with a gun, you said one had a baseball racket and one a piece of rotten wood,….you already disarmed them….so you could have taken them down, isn’t it!! ….but that’s the past!
        Interesting to hear is that it ain’t a personal war..that it is to inform other greenhorns in case they’re doing similar things or some interference in local money business in amazing Thailand.
        So if you know who did this, why have you been asking in one of your previous articles “…who’s behind the gun shot attack?”
        guess it must just be some fun sharing then!
        Just like I said….it keeps ME laughing..ha ha ha..

        Insider tips!? yeah, i’ve got lots!
        Tip no.1 : Don’t drive without a helmet….cause sooner or later you’ll get fined…
        or hurt (you should have taken one on, mate)

        One question Beckman…..have you been bored or got disapointed living in “Whyland”?
        If yes, I guess that was before it all happend!

        But anyway, your website is great!!! Keep it up and running!!

        Greetings…..The funy Dude :-)

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, I forgot…. “the land of the smile” picture is really awesome!!! Where did you get that from? it should be on a big banner right at the airport saying ” yin dee donn rab nai prateht thai”
          That would be a campain worth running for, wouldn’t it!
          Put it in your gallery big size so i can work on the banner and you running the campain! What you think ’bout that?

          …the dear friend

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not really sure what the point is about why you didn’t do this or that. You were not present at the time so don’t really know the situation. When your woken up at night by thugs big or small it’s has to be disorientating to say the least. There is little point of going over what could or should have been.

          Lets look on the bright side. I’d like to point out one of the major benefits of having loads of rave parties on Phangan, aside from the party organizers making a good living. The folks that live in the north and west side of the island get to enjoy paradise for a bit longer. These raves put off a lot of tourists ever coming to Phangan, which is definitely slowing the development. From my point of view this is a good thing.

          Ah the dreaded helmet fines, which are actually no big deal at 200 baht. I have a tip regarding the helmet stops, just turn your bike around and drive away! They don’t come after you!
          Cheers Glyn

          • Anonymous says:


            i’d turn around but they are sly c*nts and collar you as you have already turned the corner, luckily some people put the warning out with a tap on the head and a policeman style flag down before you get to where they’re nicking folks

            • Anonymous says:

              Even if you live 17 years on phangan or not, you will always be the farang!There are no excuses for shooting anyone , but i think if you stay in a foreign country ,it will always be dangerous if you start to mess around with the local mafia, police or other business making people!Beckman, I understand why you`re behaving like this,cause you believe in a better world! Take care and all the best to you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Nothing” surprises me on KPG…Nothing

    Take Care ALL KPG’ers


  4. Anonymous says:

    hey becki, you know the storey from the french guy how did suizide in the police=custody (jail) last night..!!! how can this happen?? maybe the cops no more..???!!! this KP=policestation should be transfered to YALA,or NATRIVAT..!!
    this is the place for them!
    phangan needs police we tourists can trust !
    not this corrupt bunch of cowboys how only ripp off everyone,and pretend to be the law.. fuck this bastards….! a resident of KP!

  5. Anonymous says:

    suizide in jail koh phangan !!!
    police did a very good job !!!
    no trace,no evidence….no nothing…!!!
    and how is responsible….??
    koh phangan., you are going down very fast…!!! we dont need a ZUNAMI here., we got the LAW=MENS how do almost the same with this Island..!!! DESTROY TOURISM
    destroy the reputation of phangan….

  6. Becki says:

    hello there 😉

    no … haven’t heard about that story! so … why don’t you sign up here and let us all know what exactly happened? write a small article about the incident and help spread the awful truth?

    how’s about that 😉

    greetings & all the best

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorry, dont have a time for this…

  8. Anonymous says:

    the new news is that the french men made suizide in his home…. hihihi… i love this roumors from phangan….!

  9. Anonymous says:


    “You know what your website is? Its Pathetic. And you say you believe in freedom? You cant even spell it. This is life in the new world odour.”

    “Powerfull people are right now plotting your downfall”

    Beckman you and David Icke have a great deal in common me thinks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Becki; I think you should do this site too a party site with picuter and videos.
    Why do you even care?If the local thais think the same as you,then let them solve the “problem” or you just shut the F…k up and join the partys and have a beatiful time.The organisers live for this ,its their call you know,the love the music same as the people going too the partys..And im a organiser too and i can understand their ange against you.
    SO do your self a big faver, and save your life..
    i come back every year tree times just too feel the nature..
    Maybe ita a better place for you on Samui

    Mattias Swe

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with the other poster’s on here , why dont you try and write constructive topics on here about some more positive things hppening on the island …. its not all bad and it seems 2 me like you are just bored and have been on Phangan way to long and have nothing better to do than talk about yourself , write crap and moan on the internet !! It certainly does not help tourism on the island ! This could acuctually be a positiive website !

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess you agree with some of the posters on here! Beckman was trying to do something positive and help a community.

        He was never trying to stop the parties, just have them move to a location that wasn’t keeping an entire village awake at night!

        And what do you expect to happen when you shoot a web master? Do you think he is going to leave and write positive stories, no of course not?

        The people behind the shooting are responsible for what is now happening. I think I would be disappointed with Beckman if he had anything positive to say about the island.

        I live in Canada and the Canadian Government has a travel advisory on Koh Phangan. This may not seem significant to you but it is to some travelers. I can’t speak for other government sites, but I’m sure this is not the only one! All night parties are actually in violation of Thai law. When foreign governments are noting the problems on their web sites, you can bet folks in Bangkok are taking notice.

        Has anyone notice the increase in road checks by the Bkk Police on the island? The heat is definitely being turned up and this is not good for any of us that spend time there!

        It is the actions of party organizers that are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg! The parties are a good thing. They could go full on forever if they were in a location that didn’t bother other people. The argument that people would not come to them is rubbish. Most of these people have come half way around the world already. A couple more kilometres isn’t going to stop them.

        Party organizers I think the writing is on the wall! Stop drawing attention to parties or they eventually be shut down… A more remote party location would go a long way to achieving that goal.

        Another option could be to have the Haad Rin people run all of the moon parties on their beach!

        Cheers Glyn

      • Anonymous says:

        To dummy 0 above:

        This is not a promotional website for Phangan. There are plenty of them. This website is for topics none of the other ones would pick up. The so called carp written here is to force the people responsible for the mess to do something, because there is no other way to do it without having lots of money. If tourism get bad the party organizer have to rethink their strategy to get their customers back, otherwise nothing will change. And for the good things happened on this Island; Feel free to write about it, this forum is open for any news you may know. So contribute to some constructive topics and don’t just moan about it…

        Greets Marc

    • Anonymous says:

      To Mattias:
      Can you please explain to us how the locals can solve that problem? They are mainly farmers and fishermen and do not have the big bucks unlike the party organizers to bend the law for their purpose. Your view is biased as organizer and does not care about the people who have to suffer of sleepless nights. Those people lived generations before the parties moved in to town and work hard daily jobs to make their living. They do not have the time and money to spend all night at a party unlike you.
      And don’t give us the shit about feel the nature. Techno has us much to do with nature as Phangan has to do with Bangkok. Techno is an offspring of the city culture and nature just gets scared away from it. Samui might be a better place for you since it is already quite noisy.

      Greets Marc

      • Anonymous says:

        Right on Marc, I’m glad there is someone else that sees the problem for what it is… However, I do support the parties but, not at the expense of the local people. Children need there sleep when attending school and the elderly have earned the right to some peace and quiet.

        This is a complete no brainer, just move them away from the populated area. I had heard the half moon party organizers were looking to do this and you have to applaud them for that. On the down side the parties that are not acting with the same consideration are jeopardising even the half moon parties even if they do move!

        It’s too bad they (party organizers) can’t get together and work out an arrangement to share a venue. I know this is a pipe dream and it’s not going to happen, but clearly they need to work together to ensure the continuation of the parties. Not pissing off an entire community should be a top priority.
        Cheers Glyn

        • Anonymous says:

          hey nobrainers!read the disclaimer of the site!
          Disclaimer: ALL characters and events in this website — even those based on REAL people — are entirely fictional! ANY similarity to actual persons and events is UNINTENTIONAL! This Website might also contain coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone!

  11. Anonymous says:


    I understand your point,but still Becki shouldn`t do what he do or did.,And im thinking not like organzier,and not only money,and the shit you say about it`s not about the nature,it actually is all about the nature..

    Ilove Ban sabaii partys and will allways support the Ban tai party family and crew,and again the fishers catch the fish and the farmer get his rise and the organizers spread love beatiful tunes and a lot of harmony,so again feel the nature.

  12. Anonymous says:

    And if a thai come to my country and make a lots of writings and stuff for not having party i will be super pissed

    • Anonymous says:

      The one thing that Beckman did that he shouldn’t have done is putting him self up front. Sure we can be proud of a guy standing up to these people, but it was a dangerous a foolish thing to do! It would have been much better if there had been an anonymous web site with ghost writer. Some of these people have brains that are no larger than that of an insect.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if any of you ever read the articles about the parties, but it seems you still haven’t got it right. Nobody has ever said to stop the parties! Only move them out of the populated area which is about 20% of the island. So there is plenty of space to do parties without robbing the non-party goers the well deserved good night sleep. Is it so hard to understand this?

      And Beckman did not put himself upfront. Do really any of you guys believe that his website or his writings have any influence at the Thai government decision to do something about the parties? Most people in government can’t even spell the word English. The real change came from the locals after endless writings to the supposed to be responsible government peoples. Of course Beckmann helped them to do that, but he is the only farang in committee of hundreds of Thai locals against parties in Bantai village.

      I think that Beckmann became the center of this whole things is because of some farangs who happen to read his blog whispering to Thai organizers that he is responsible for the changes to the Bantai parties. And since it is easier to go for a single farang than against a whole Thai village the whole thing escalated and ended up in the well known shooting against Beckmann.

      The real culprits are most likely those whispering farangs who do not have any idea about the locals here because of the lack of speaking there language. Most have a real biased view because the only local Thais they speak to are the once involved creating those parties (who speak English because they earn money with it).

    • Anonymous says:

      If Thais would come to your country and making their temple fests with traditional and modern Thai pop music next to your house almost every night, then I think you would be really pissed. Don’t forget; Techno isn’t Thai and it is neither what most of the people listen at home. They might not think about beautiful tunes and a lot of harmony when they hear it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bantai party family.

    Keep up the awesome work you do to make us NatureFreaks enjoy every party,and ok move the patys..ok for me

    • Anonymous says:

      fuckin nature freaks

    • Anonymous says:

      Guys, are you all loosing your mind??? Talking about nature and beauty …???

      Wake up and let’s come back to the point: on Koh Phangan everything is based on illegal narcotics, massive abuse of alcohol, all kind of crime we can think of, and totally corr… institutions who all want to be part of the big, dirty money as well. There are unsolved cases of rape, murder, drug businesses, … but who cares?!? 1000s of pickpocket cases and getting drugged in Haadrin are not even worth a word anymore, even less worth an investigation! Countless deadly motorbike accidents due to too much alc or illegal substances, and the lack of driving licenses, … who cares?!?! (Of course, the even more countless hospitals and clinics that mushroomed recently do). The truth, who fired the shots on Becki (ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!) and the recent death of a french tourist on KP (these are only 2 examples!) will probably never see the daylight. This island is simply out of control. Looks like, the only law is, there isn’t any. Some would call that ANARCHY! The magic wonderword in this time is just: M O N E Y !
      No doubt, we all need it, but guys, think again: with this policy on KP you do more harm than good. The reputation of being a party island is gone long time already. KP has become a place where crime seems to be legalised, not only for many tourists who forgot their good behaviour when setting foot on KP. Where is all that leading to??? Can it get worse than that?!
      With all this so called party-business/madness you are attracting the wrong people, more and more criminals are invading KP, making it just impossible to report something positive on this website.
      Fullmoon-, Halfmoon-, Blackmoon-, Shivamoon, … and whatsoever moonparties are the wrong direction for a prosperous and happy KP!

      Finally, where has the amazing THAI-RESPECT gone? Something that is taught from earliest ages seems to have disappeared in favour for the hunger of wealth. Where is the respect to the fellow villagers who don’t need dirty money to be happy, but still have to suffer sleepless nights?

  14. Anonymous says:

    This website is very divisive, creating an us and them mentality…..

    • Anonymous says:

      The parties are definitely keeping large numbers of tourists away from Phangan, particularly families and retirees. Most of the island remains very quiet year round. This results in lower costs for rent, food and drinks for those that do live and visit the island.

      After 9:00 pm Thongsala is dead and will remain that way as long as the island is known as party central, with chaos and drugs. Not to mention taxi rip-off’s after dark. I feel sorry for the other business operators around the island that are much slower due to these parties.

      Haad Rin is dead for most of every month now. The reputation it has acquired has killed any potential it had to be a thriving tourist destination. Full Moon partiers are arriving last minute and leaving just a quick.

      It’s clear that there is a much larger cost associated to the parties than just some sleepless nights around Baan Tai…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hello every one..

    Some one write that kohphangan is a place for illegal drugs,hallo man,the Whole world is like that not only phangan,Samui is more a drug nest than phangan,just the dont write an d talk about it.

    Ban sabaii parties have been on the list for one of the best part places in the world..And i agree,keep up the good wit the Psyparties.
    And i think the should shutdown every fullmoonparties on phangan,because the people that goes too fullmoon is bucketfuckers,and the throw garbage every where.

    Keep phangan Green.

    An d becki down look down on us Chemical heads,i mean you smoke alot of weed..OR?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh boy not for 150k THB and free hotel i visit this island.

      Can not smoke a fatty without fear getting jailed?


    • Surin says:

      The thing is that the the people that organize these parties like shiva moon, half moon etc. comes from Koh Samui and every time it´s time for a party they pay the officials here on Koh Phangan big money under the table (BRIBES). Koh Phangan is going down the drain right now, the corruption in 2011 is just sky high on every level and is getting worse by the day. This island must be the most corrupt place in Thailand by now and nothing is done to stop it or will be done as long as we have the so called Phangan maffia here. I am selling our house right now and getting the fuck out of this corrupt island and moving back to Samui after just 8 months here. Koh Phangan???? more like Koh Corrupt.

      • Phangan Reviews says:

        well … the party thugs of half, black or shiva moon shit are actually NOT from Koh Samui. They are all local thugs from Koh Phangan Island … aehm Koh Corrupt! But that doesn’t make a difference at all. Couldn’t agree more 😉

  16. Anonymous says:

    \”oh! me know big mafia – you\’re dead now!\”
    you fookin pathetic little thai monkeys…
    i\’d like to see you try and bring your noisy shit parties anywhere near phangan beach here in bantai. i\’ll kick your collective ass all the way to haadrin if you try, you piece of shit gutless scum…
    thinkin about it? the british don\’t just pack and go home like the germans. bring it on – i\’d love to take you all down, you retard inbred little monkeys… fuck you all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the parties in Ban Tai are SHIT anyway,shit people,shit music,shit drugs!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Becki & Tourist Police Cops. @ very nice.ok

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