Koh Phangan International Holistic Conference at Mae Haad Beach February 2008

Global Peace Festival Koh Phangan Island
Global Peace Festival Koh Phangan Island

Come to Mae Had Bay Koh Phangan February 2-16 for Dances of Universal Peace with Gayan and Jamila, laughteryoga with Dr. Madan Kataria as well as other spiritual and alternative health workshops in many modalities and arts.

Entrance fee for only 1500 baht or 300 baht per day. Thais attend for free!

Learn important tools from talented seminar leaders or be one. The previous event attracted participants from 23 countries. Don’t miss this magnificent celebration of love.

Dr. Madan Kataria of will be joining us for the Holistic Conference. He was recently featured on Oprah and deservedly so. He has singlehandedly gotten several hundred thousand people to laugh without telling jokes.

Dr. Madan Kataria is a true master and a dear friend. Our other presenters are also righteously famous and they make the trip especially worthwhile as well. There is a partial list of their bios on

For more detailed information please visit or call +1 772 905 2643 or +66 0857878512 or even get in contact via Skype. Skype contact: breath2000

2 thoughts on “Koh Phangan International Holistic Conference at Mae Haad Beach February 2008

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that I have to pay 300 THB to some yoga-idiotas if I choose to snorkel at Koh Ma those particular days?

  • Anonymous

    its funny westerners come to the land of bliss and try to make money with what is for free for everyone. whenever spirituality costs something it is not spirituality but business. Just spend reeal time in Thai Wats or in rural areas of Thailand. Or go and plant rise as volunteer in the Isaan. Your chances for insight are much higher there and a meal is always provided for free


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