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Pulp – The Juice Bar newly opened in Thongsala Koh Phangan Island

Pulp Juice Bar Koh Phangan
Pulp – The Juice Bar

Pulp – The Juice Bar freshly opened on Koh Phangan Island. The healthy juice bar is located in Thongsala town just next door to the Phangan Polyclinic. Pulp Juice Bar offers a special opening promotion for customers who read Koh Phangan’s one & only news website!

Try one of our healthy juices and get 30 minutes free internet! Our wholesome and invigorating juices are the ultimate all in one health drinks. Drinking one or two glasses of juice a day will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need – the easy way!

2 thoughts on “Pulp – The Juice Bar newly opened in Thongsala Koh Phangan Island

  • Anonymous

    Just like to say a big thank-you to the lovely owner of the Pulp Juice Bar………….her name is apple which is just perfect for her line of business! she was so nice and helpful when I staggered in with a serious case of the s***s! I had been next door to see the doctor for some cure but came out instead with enough tablets to start my own pharmacy!!! which I still might do! anyway luckily for me I caught sight of the juice bar and inside this lovely little shop I met the gorgous apple who suggested I drink a pure apple juice with a little bit of water to settle the stomach – and you know what it worked – amazing a 40 baht drink did the trick and I’m now trying to offload my 1500baht’s worth of tablets – any one want any antibioctics?

  • Anonymous

    do not support this bar. apple wasn’t the owner but she was partner of the owner til the business went fine and than she got dropped by the real owners. that is how does people make business here, let other people do work with setting up a nice enviroment and than just kick them out as soon the money come in, so they do not have to share the profit with the people how really put effort into the business

    no thanks to the juice bar


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