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We want to live on Koh Phangan Island permanently! Any regreds so far?

Koh Phangan Island
Koh Phangan Island

So we’ve fallen in love with Koh Phangan Paradise Island and want to live there permanently!

Now the task of selling up our home (in France, although we are British) and setting ourselves up on the other side of the world seems not only a great adventure but daunting and a bit scary. It’s a step it would be hard to come back from.

Are you a Brit or English-speaking ex-pat living successfully on the island who is willing to share your experiences with us by email, and are happy to answer some of our hundreds of questions? If so, you would be doing us an invaluable service.

Question number one: Any regrets?!

Steph and Suzette.

7 thoughts on “We want to live on Koh Phangan Island permanently! Any regreds so far?

  • Why not post the comments on this site, so people can see the reality of how expats are able to stay for the long term. You got a business that produces for you back home? Living off investments? Got run over by the police so now you cruise the island on a giant black Harley? I’ve been coming to the island since 2001. And I’ve already seen A LOT of young farangs come, set up a business, loose thier shirts, and go home. But that’s how this island is, it puts you under a trance and if you’re not careful, it sucks you dry : ) And I love it down to the core of my soul.

  • iff only one were able to gett a decent internet conection on pha-ngan! I would have been with you already quite some time ago, reprting and responding dear lovely becky but sadly, sofahr they have layed only the cables and the resst seams to be a matter of some wanabe telecomunications agency who refuses to give up some sort of broadcasting rights for the sake of a couple of bhat( oh how i love you dear Mr. Shinawatra But eaniway quite frankly I seam to be one of one of the meany lucky young people who have survived a couple of years of phangan madnes still wearing a t-shirt. Sadly however I had to follow phath of personal evolution and am not currently on Phangan at the time. but surrely I shall return and hopefully and happily report some of phangans magic moments of wierdnes.
    wish ya all happy days. and dont forget, walk softly dance hard……

  • leftknee

    everyone who is not stupid realise that living on a small island would be a challenge. However, the only regret youll have if you dont try, is that you never tried.

    • Anonymous

      Sell up everything and move to the Island. WHY? Rent your house and live off the money, you need an income.

      What are you going to do, make a business! Don’t waste your time, energy and power. The island does not need more resturants, accomidation or shops. Unless you want to build a decent hospital with doctors rather than vets. There are allready so many business that are doing what they do badly, save yourself from this.

      Rent a nice house some where, don’t waste your time buying land from the greedy people. You will buy land that is overpriced and going to be worth nothing when the island is like Koh Samui in the next 10 years.

      Maybe if you are unlucky you get a thai karoke Bar next to your newly built property then your stuck. Rent, when you don’t like the area you move.

      Take your time, don’t tell people you want land, that you have money or that you want to have a life here. There are alot of people both Thai and non Thai who survive on the Island by sucking the money form people who can only see a dream island. You see the dream and don’t notice the hand in your pocket taking your wallet.

      Take care and it can be a wonderful place to live.

      • Anonymous

        wonder how they got on?

        • was thinkin same thing, how did you get on steph and suzette? I wanna move out to the island for a few years and would love to hear how it went/if you went?! We have a business in britain that practically runs itself, and hopefully we’re going to rent out our property, so we’re in the perfect position to do it now….. would like to hear more peoples experiences more first though….thanks

  • Hey hey ! 9 years later, how did you guys get on? Im moving over this year to live the dream. Beachbum .com ! No work, all play until I drop. Cant wait !!


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