A Tantric Agama Yoga Journey on the Island of Koh Phangan

Agama Tantric Yoga Koh Phangan

I decided to take a tantric yoga journey to the land of peaceful truth!

But when I approached the conductor of the vessel to take me there, i discovered I had to buy a ticket for 7500B for a five day trip. Truthful knowledge is free, but apparently some have decided to charge a fee.

When informed of the universal principals of energy and its relationship with its inter-connectiveness with nature; I had to agree. The use of yogic philosophy of chantras and its universal code in order to rid people of their money its fundamentally and ethically wrong.

Unfortunately no one has the right to discredit an individual for doing so since it is up to a persons free will and personal choice to conduct themselves ethically. One can only sit on the dock and watch this ship sail away. The truth is internal and infinite and exists in everyone!

The tactical free seminar seemed to remind me of a business meeting ,whereas the individual was conducting a sales pitch to sell a product. The utilization of ancient philosophical principals convinces the individual to buy the product and take the journey.

Sexual energy became an all too important subject. Sucking energy from the earth, the sun, the trees, the ocean etc. seemed to signal a psychological ploy for personal sexual gain. Philosophy is independant of behavior and if the action occurs it is part of the truth. But all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood.

Too, bad, in some instances, that brotherhood is used to manipulate the lost and confused for personal profit.

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Agama Tantric Yoga Koh Phangan
Agama Tantric Yoga Koh Phangan
Agama Tantric Yoga Koh Phangan

7 thoughts on “A Tantric Agama Yoga Journey on the Island of Koh Phangan

  • Thanks for this article.
    Friends and me tried to inform other tourists about this rip off some months ago already. There are for sure much better places on Koh-Pha Ngan and the near mainland to learn about one’s mind.

    But as you said: One can only sit on the dock and watch this ship sail away.


    • Anonymous

      it’s so easy to just say all the stupid things that come to your mind… have you ever been to this yoga school???

      I can tell you that this yoga school is amazing. it has changed my life and many other people’s lives in a beautiful way.

      The teaching is serious and scientific. The information is amazing. I have been in India for 4 years and never found any yoga school that even comes close to the level of Agama yoga.

      Check your information before you throw dirt on others.


  • Anonymous

    I think there may have been a misunderstanding on the part of your reporter, so please allow me to tell you about our course fees.

    Our regular Yoga courses are free to all Thais. Workshops are open to Thais on a donation basis. The first day of Yoga classes is free to all. Thereafter our daily course fees (for 6 hours of classes per day plus an invitation to join all supplemental activities, films, special meditations, bhajans, etc.) are 250 Baht (6 Euros), less 10 percent if paying 6 or more days in advance. The prices referred to in your news referred not to our regular Yoga courses, ongoing daily all year on Koh Phangan, but to our occasional intensive workshops, of 30 hours’ duration and held about 4 or 5 times per year on various themes, usually in spring and with discounts applying. We deliberately keep our prices for workshops lower in Asia due to relative lower costs (although these are increasing annually in Thailand). In fact, for the whole story, we actually base ourselves in Asia so that students can have the opportunity to study for longer periods of time than they would be able if we were say, based in UK or elsewhere in Europe where costs are beyond the average backpacker’s budget for accommodation and food except on short visits (and as well costs are too high for all of us who volunteer most of our year at Agama). We do not have, as other Yoga schools, a “base” in a big Western city where we can make huge profits to subsidize our courses here. We do not yet own any property of our own as we keep fees low and spend revenues on rent, increasing overhead costs, and reinvestment into the courses and facilities. Our teachers are volunteers and no one is getting fat off our courses.

    We agree with the principles you discuss, that spiritual teachings should be freely given. We have extended what we can freely. Unfortunately, we have too many costs to operate a full-time school on this basis. Who would pay for rent, photocopies, light bulbs, fans, mats, etc. etc.? As it is now, we dedicate ourselves full-time as volunteers and go “home” to work annually for a few months or more in order to earn enough so that we can return to Koh Phangan to serve the students there for the rest of the year. All of us are committed to the spiritual service of Karma Yoga.

    I hope you can pass this on to your reporter, and ideally post our message alongside yours, so that people can get a more complete picture. Thanks for listening.

    Namaste, and best wishes to you,

    Lori for Agama Yoga

  • I have been to this yoga school, I am in fact there now. It is in no way scientific (people use that word without actually knowing what it means) or serious. Ok maybe they take it seriously, but it pales in comparison to the numerous other types of yoga I have done over the years. The people are nice, don’t get me wrong, the island is lovely – but the yoga is massively out of date, the teaching poor, the principles flawed to anyone with a mind of their own and just look on trip advisor for the feast of the issues. M. I’m happy you found what you were looking for, some others will too – it I would guess the minority.

  • Hi MB,

    I have been there too and I’ve got the same impression. I don’t have much of yoga school experience, but they’ve seemd very newage and groundless.

    Would you recommend any good yoga school to me? Feel free to contact me in private: newarborea at

  • Dave

    I have to agree with the critics, dangerous movements were taught when I visited, the ‘science’ was just discredited misunderstandings which anyone that spends five minutes on the internet researching can see. There is real value in the teachings and philosophy of Yoga, but Agama seems to be misunderstood hype.

  • The founder of Agama was kicked out of India for sexual misconduct. Female students are encouraged to have sex with the teachers, and sex with the ‘guru’. As per usual in these cases, they are brainwashed into thinking that they will become enlightened if they sleep with the teacher.


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