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Thieves on Koh Phangan Island use drugs in party buckets to knock you out!

Koh Phangan Drug Attack

Koh Phangan Full moon party after math report … Did you get drugged? Did you get knocked out? Did you get robbed?

These famous Full Moon buckets many party tourists consume, may contain more than you think. Powerful drugs could (will occasionally?) be added to cause you to wander aimlessly and be susceptible to thieves. Beware of what you drink, and with whom! Any one can smile and take you for a ride.

Think about every used car salesman anywhere in the world. Very friendly with you while he takes your hard earned cash and you are then voluntarily mugged.

So nice to live the fantasy, that Koh Phangan Island is a paradise devoid of problems but the reality is, there is a group of thieves and criminals operating in tourists areas.

Most foreigners are regarded as stupid rich people who should, ethically, just give the natives all there money because they deserve it more. Free enterprise is great but no one likes to be ripped off. Beware!

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