Me’n’u has firmly established itself as Koh Phangan’s premier restaurant certainly worthy of a detour

Restaurant Menu Koh Phangan Island 04

Restaurant Menu Koh Phangan Island

In late 2006 on a quiet stretch of the island known as Hin Kong on the road to Haad Yao, Me’n’u restaurant opened for business and since then Me’n’u has firmly established itself as Koh Phangan’s premier restaurant certainly worthy of a detour.

Me’n’u is in a beautiful setting in a contemporary European designed building that is nestled in a coconut grove set away from the main road, and this has to be one Phangan islands most attractive locations for a restaurant.

The dining room itself has two predominant areas, the larger section inside with floor to ceiling sliding doors and tasteful oil paintings by noted local artists Nat & Suttee and the wooden terrace which holds the view over the amazing gardens. The tables themselves which were crafted from a 120 year old mango tree that originally stood on the land are simply laid using white linen napkins, Twin Fish cutlery and fresh flowers, while comfortable wooden chairs have cream upholstery.

Chef Nick Hall’s A la carte menu is well planned with six dishes in each category and the style is Modern European, drawing on influences from all over Europe with a particular bias toward the UK (Nick’s homeland) and France (his formative training). Each dish is immaculately presented and perfectly executed to a high standard.

First to arrive was the selection of freshly breads that included the classic French pain de mie rolls, rosemary and black pepper grissini and soft pitta batons all baked on the premises and all perfectly seasoned, to accompany the breads was an excellent black Kalamata olive tapenade and a hummous brimming with garlic and lemon that were served in a generous portion.

The menu began with an amuse Bouche of a chilled gazpacho and a breaded crab and potato croquette on a mini rocket salad. The gazpacho was served in a shot glass and was packed full of flavour and was simply divine. The crab’s slightly sweet flavour coupled with coriander and chilli was balanced by the peppery rocket salad upon which it sat.

Next to arrive was the first course proper, for me the caramalised pork belly with crispy duck spring rolls accompanied by a spring onion, black sesame and soy dressing. The soft pork belly had just the right amount of fat beneath a glistening layer of crunchy skin and the duck which was confit leg meat, was presented in wafer thin Chinese style pancakes along with crisp shredded vegetables. My guest had a superbly paired pan fried sea bass fillet with basil mash and smoked pancetta. A perfectly cooked piece of fresh fish with a delicate orange finish sitting aloft a mound of creamy basil mash and shards of crisp bacon was the best he’d ever tasted.

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Menu Phangan Contemporary Dining

Restaurant Menu Koh Phangan Island-03

Menu Phangan Contemporary Dining

Restaurant Menu Koh Phangan Island 04

Restaurant Menu Koh Phangan Island

Our main course dishes included very good and ever so tender Australian sirloin, which turned out to be a 120 day aged Angus, served with roasted vegetables, a potato and thyme rosti and fricassee of wild mushrooms and an amazing red wine sauce. The local King fish fillet was very light and came with saffron potatoes, a puree of root vegetables and a lemon velouté, an extremely delicate dish that was well executed.

Desserts began with a power packing mango lassie a piece, and followed by the hot dark chocolate fondant with wild raspberry ice cream, a clear caramel sauce and tuille biscuits. The fondant itself had a rich liquid centre enveloped by a light cake; the homemade ice cream was again full of flavour and resonant of very fresh fruit. The lemongrass pannacotta with candied pineapple crisps and a toasted coconut parfait along side a kaffir lime syrup had all the hallmarks of a very tropical treat and was a very delicious ending to a fantastic meal.

The wine list is short and realistically priced with a decent wine selection by the glass. Service was extremely professional and friendly and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed.

Me’n’u is a restaurant clearly on top of its game, and every detail has been thought about carefully and it has been a great addition to the Gulf of Thailand dining scene.

Sarah McNabb

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22 Responses to Me’n’u has firmly established itself as Koh Phangan’s premier restaurant certainly worthy of a detour

  1. Anonymous says:

    Me’n’u is the only 5-star restaurant in Koh Pha-Ngan, maybe in the entire south.

    Dinner at Me’n’u is more than just about quality and delicious gourmet food – it is a complete dining experience, comparable to one usually found in the finest European establishments albeit at an affordable price.

    Highly recommended.

    jose ‘-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm… so for the tiny amount of 1200 Baht, I can get a meal on Koh Phangan.

      I could even take my family, and for 4800 Baht we can all have a meal.

      I wonder how long the Thai farmers, who’s families earn 4800 Baht per month between them, wait before they pop in for for a quick nosh-up.

      Anyone tell me how much the staff are being paid ?

      Support the locals – eat at the market.

    • Anonymous says:

      I second that emotion without reservation!

      A superb gourmet experience

      We are lucky to have something this QUALITY in Koh Phangan

    • Anonymous says:

      now they are selling for a ridiculous price …. 1 million US $ …. because it was so “popular” … sure if you count 5 people per month popular …

      Menu Guy … go back where you came from and take your 5000 Baht dishes with you

      • Anonymous says:

        Do they really have 5000 Baht dishes? Thats even way more expensive than Daniel’s in New York.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its actually a little less than $400,000 US for your information. The Hall’s are good friends of mine and their restaurant is the finest one that this island has ever seen. He is the only real chef on this island and the quality is second to none and I can assure you that there are not and never will be 5000 Baht dishes on his menu. James

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmmmm, M’en’u what a gastronomical experience, being a rather large chap, and something of a foodie, I was fortunate enough to experience a meal at M’enu courtesy of a friend whom invited my wife and I to join him in what he described as a “veritable feast” at M’en’u. Things got off to a wonderful start slurping down large quantities of S’efrican wine, and enjoying the surroundings and the company of new freinds. Orders were placed and soon we were presented with our requested meals, starters were fantastic, must admit mine attached itself to one of my front teeth and refused to budge, mains arrived and I just only managed to get the entire meal on my fork, dessert well that was another story altogether, a chocolate delight that would surely have me travel all the way from Cape Town back to Koh Phangan for. But I guess in all fairness (having poked my head into the kitchen) a gallant effort by a brave man to invest so largely on an island largely inhabited by scoundrels, misfits, tax evaders, dope heads etc etc. I wish you luck my freind, may the future bode well for you. P.S. for a good cheap nosh head down to the village night market in Tongsala, look for the lady with silver pots, she does a great rooster penis curry…..

  3. coronas44 says:

    I went there last year, and found it very expensive, and the portions quite small, maybe they’ve changed. But I took a young lady that I had paid for earlier in the day, she was dressed in a cute night club outfit, and it was funny to have the affluent tourists gawking and staring at her. The atmosphere is excellent and very beautiful. Great place to take a sexy woman. : )

    • Anonymous says:

      yes … what a fun … 1000 Baht for the girl , 10000 to feed her and have some other filthy rich people staring at her all evening … and this just for 11000 Baht … what a deal … I need to take one of my girls there .. Menu what a experience

  4. Anonymous says:

    beautiful place and good food “nouvelle cuisine”, but I heard that the place is for sale ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Recently I saw a for sale sign @ me’n’u what’s going on

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is true that Me’n’u has been put up for sale and is sad news for Koh Phangan, we have been regular diners since the restaurant opened and spoke to the owners last night, they told us that they were returning to Europe to take up, quote “an amazing job offer” and that their children were to do schooling there. I did ask how much they wanted for it but they were not giving any details? does any one know how much? I’d be interested to know.

    • Anonymous says:

      well they leave pretty soon, don’t understand why they didn’t want to say how much tey want to you bit strange

      • Anonymous says:

        I found a link to a website, they are asking 15 million for it, it seems that it includes everything, western equipped restaurant, furnished house including stereos tv’s computer and their car. A good price in my opinion for a lovely place.

        • Anonymous says:

          it’s 15 – 30 Million .. I guess depends on the day …

          … yeah a really “good” price for such a long estabished and “profitalbe” business … just joking

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bad news – Me’n’u is for sale. The chef is moving back to England.

    • Anonymous says:

      Me’n’u Phangan goes from strength to … “out of business”

      I guess a bit way too high priced for the avarage tourist on Phangan … maybe he should try it again in Phuket

  8. Anonymous says:

    after being robbed and scared by the locals i was told thay menu has shut downbusiness already. madness continues ……

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats not true, Me’n’u is still open for business 5 days a week I think, they also are now doing some modern Asian specials with a free beer for 300 Baht!! certainly the madness continues.

  9. Anonymous says:

    First of all thankyou Sarah for a lovely review of my place.

    Ok so yes it is true that we have now listed Me’n’u on the market for US$ 397,000 or 13 million Thai baht, not some of the wild figures quoted in this thread. When started Me’n’u we didnt have children, now we have two of them our priorities have changed and we feel that a move back to Europe would suit us and the childrento a more temperate climate. This along with the prospect of working for one of the worlds finest hotel groups is the reason(s) we are leaving Phangan island.

    Until then we will still continue to trade Wednesday through to Sunday from 7pm until 11pm serving our trademark signature a la carte modern European menu.

    I can also assure you that we do not charge prices that some people have claimed that we do, infact our most expensive dish is the Australian grain fed beef tenderloin at 580 Baht, which is still in fact cheaper than several other places on Phangan island.

    Thanks for all your comments, good and bad I always appreciate the opinions of my valued customers and thanks for all the support over the last two years.

    Nick (Chef/Owner Me’n’u – Phangan)

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