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Koh Phangan Island – A story about ghosts, spirits, healers, serpents, black magic & white magic Part 2

Koh Phangan Spirits 03
Pii Don performing healing ceremony at patient

This is the second part of our series, the first part can be found here -> Koh Phangan Island – A story about ghosts, spirits, healers, serpents, black magic & white magic Part 1

The story of Pii Don:

When Pii Don was a kid he always observed his auntie, who also happened to be something you could call a spiritual healer, doing healing ceremonies with patients. While Pii Don was watching these ceremonies he always wished that he would also have these ‘special powers’ helping other people. Impatient he once asked his aunt and she replied that he should not worry about anything when the time is right it will happen.

Then at the age of 18 years Pii Don woke up in the morning in his bed and was unable to move – simply paralyzed without any reason at all! They called his aunt and she just said that the spirits have arrived and Pii Don would need a cleaning ceremony to welcome the spirits into his body.

Exactly that time, the future teacher (Adjahn) of Pii Don, whom he didn’t know at all at this point, had a vision about his future student and managed to get in contact with his aunt and they finally could proceed the body cleaning ceremony for Pii Don to welcome the spirits.

After 3 days of being paralyzed the symptoms disappeared as quick as they came and the spirits finally found a new channel.

Then for the next 5 years Pii Don’s live developed a bit strange as he started seeing lots of bizarre things around him. Things like auras, spirits, and ghosts and then there was always this voice in his head explaining to him what he was seeing. Shocked by his new abilities and still unsecure about what he was seeing and mostly worried about what other people would think about him, Pii Don decided to simply not tell anyone about what he was experiencing.

During his years as an apprentice Pii Don continued seeing bizarre things, received teachings in his dreams and continuously heard this familiar voice in his head telling him insights about what he saw. At one point he even started actually seeing the spirits who have chosen him and are known in the Thai language as ‘Prasiwah’ or also ‘Akarah’.

‘Akarah’ is well know in the ancient Thai culture and means the serpent – the snake! And finally brings us back to the human reptilians decent as mentioned by various other sources, e.g. David Icke.

Over the years Pii Don was then introduced to other helping spirits and at the moment Pii Don is working together with 3 different entities. One entity is known to him as ‘Pho Phu Dam’ and is also well known in the Thai culture. The other two spiritual entities are from the Hindu and Chinese culture and unfortunately Becki forgot their names – sorry!

When asking Pii Don about these spiritual entities … are they ghosts? Souls? Spirits?

He simply says they could be seen as ‘human beings’ but just living in a different dimension mostly not known to humans.

Each spiritual entity has its own special skills and they do help each other while treating patients. During the healing treatment Pii Don mainly acts as a channel / medium/ device which let the spiritual entities simply act / communicate in our 3 dimensional world.

To be continued …

Koh Phangan Spirits 05
Pii Don at ceremony paying respect to his teacher
Koh Phangan Spirits 06
Pii Don explaining things about spiritual healing
Koh Phangan Spirits 07
Pii Nui, Don’s mother, waking up

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