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Koh Phangan Paradise – The Island of Madness in Focus

Koh Phangan Island In Focus

Nobody would have believed it! But finally we have reached the next level on Koh Pha-Ngan Paradise Island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is HIGH SEASON again … juhee 😉

After the recent flooding disaster, two drowned Swedish girls and the very first cancellation of the biggest Full Moon Party at world famous ‘Mental Zone’ Haadrin Beach, things are back to normal here on the island of madness, Koh Pha-Ngan, the hidden jewel in South East Asia.

New Years Eve party seems to have been an expected success like every year, when thousands of party hungry life forms gather together at world famous party zone Haad Rin beach to celebrate the beginning of another year with its daily insanities and fascinating surprises! Two weeks later, back again on the island menu – after its first FMP cancellation ever in Dec. 2005 – the monthly Full Moon Party in January 2006. So far Island officials have reported no further anomalies in danger party zone Haadrin beach this year!

So … finally … it’s HIGH SEASON! The yearly ‘farang’ money hunt has started and our local Thai community is HIGH on emotions. The island still is under constant HIGH development and the HIGH construction zone always reaches its HIGHEST peak exactly when the HIGH season starts. This fascinating timing let’s you enjoy HIGH western standards combined with HIGH construction noise early morning! RESPECT!

HIGH class tourism! Offers exclusively HIGH prices for tourists traveling on a HIGH budget. You can expect HIGH taxi fares offered with HIGH smiles and if YOU are HIGHLY sensitive you might discover the HIGH tension which the island of madness has to offer. HIGH profits have finally HIGHLY transformed the island’s community into something HIGHLY bizarre! Come and have a look! It’s HIGHLY insane and HIGHLY interesting 😉

Magic Mushrooms
Island of Madness in focus!
Hadrin Beach Koh Phangan

“Please keep the island clean!” That’s the newest slogan of the island! Some call it ECO Tourism … some just a marketing campaign … and others just wasted time and efforts! Somehow nearly everyone starts caring for the island’s environment? What’s happening? What’s wrong? Influential people on the island agree that maintaining the beach is a smart move! Property groups around the island have made it their mission to assist the Green Cross movement! Business owners at Hadrin Beach have banded together and hired staff to clean the beach full time! Keep the island clean! Keep the island clean!

Fact is that all the nicely collected rubbish is still thrown into a nicely digged hole somewhere in the nicely stinking coconut gardens of Koh Phangan Paradise Island! Influential people on Haad Rin beach still dispose their waste waters directly into the Gulf of Thailand through some underwater pipes! No plans or efforts have been made to build a sewage plant or to improve the current waste water situation in any way. The whole island is a total construction area and more and more empty space is filled up with shops, bungalows, houses, bars, party zones, new roads and stunning real estate objects.

Keep the Island clean!
Keep the ISland clean!
Keep the Island clean!

So far Becki hasn’t seen any real great progress in protecting the island’s environment and natural resources.

Still under heavy progress is “The Horny Mile” just after Thongsala on your way to Haad Rin beach. More and more female life forms gather here together to service the more and more demanding male tourist industry! New butterfly and funny bars are popping up like mushrooms every couple of weeks to satisfy the ever increasing number of customers that return, bringing their mates and spreading the vibe throughout the galaxy!

Since a couple of weeks you can also receive Koh Phangan’s first radio station called “Phangan Radio” which is broadcasting on 88.8 FM! Listening to “Phangan Radio” requires very good knowledge of the Thai language as they only provide their services in Thai language. The station is broadcasting a couple of hours a day and mainly focuses on love songs to make their listeners feel warm and happy!

Half Moon Party Koh Phangan
Island of Madness
Shiva Moon Party Koh Phangan

Broadcasting on all available frequencies all night long are the different Party Zones everywhere on Koh Phangan. Come and satisfy your soul at Full Moon Party, Black Moon Party or Half Moon Party! In between there’s some Shiva Moon Party and a bit of a Jungle Party. Not to forget the Paradise Waterfall Party and sometimes the Sanorah Party.

New in Baan Tai next to the Half Moon Party is the Trance Party which promises a Trance Experience you will never forget! Soul satisfaction fee at most Party Zones is 200 Baht per soul which guarantees you access to all areas and levels with the latest sound systems, highest quality equipment, local DJs and fire shows across the main dance floor. Not to forget the After Party at Baan Sabai directly in the center of Baan Tai village which takes place after every Full Moon, Half Moon, Black Moon, Shiva Moon, Jungle or Trance Experience Moon Party!

So far about the recent progress in High Class Tourism Development here on Koh Phangan Paradise Island!

Becki also recently did an investigative snorkeling trip to Angthong Marine Park with one of the island’s corrupted dive centers, called Haad Yao Divers. The corrupted snorkeling trip was well organized and great fun to enjoy! A two thumbs up to the corrupted team of Haad Yao Divers! If you want to know more about uncorrupted diving here on Koh Phangan Island then follow this uncorrupted dive link!

So … Happy High Season 😉

Haad Yao Divers
Haad Yao Divers
Angthong Marine Park

One thought on “Koh Phangan Paradise – The Island of Madness in Focus

  • Eleanor Sharman

    Wangsai waterfall is now a muddy puddle thanks to the removal of the unmitigated clearing and soil- mining of the hill above. It is so bad that the ‘Wangsai Garden’ campsite & bungalows (who own the entry to the falls) are busy creating their own waterfall,along with a rick wall climbing bar & swimming pool.


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